04/23/07 #10 - Medications that really prevent Migraines?

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    Are there any medications that really prevent migraines? I am on Inderal/HCTZ every day for hypertension and I still get bad migraines 3 times or more a week. I am also on Kadian SR for FMS, osteoarthritis of the spine and RA I took Topamax one dose and had an allergic reaction. Can't take triptans due to hypertension. Please help, Cindy.


    Dear Cindy;

    There are a whole host of medications that really act as a preventative for Migraines. Your current medication, namely a beta blocker, is fine if it works, but it doesn't sound like it is helping you a whole lot. Interesting that the morphine product hasn't had anything to offer. It often doesn't help. The newest preventive medications are called neuronal stabilizing agents, like the Topamax you tried. There are at least 7 others and all have been shown to be useful for Migraine prophylaxis. Hopefully, your headache physician is familiar with some of them. Regarding triptans and hypertension -- discuss this more fully with your doctor. The restriction of triptans is for uncontrolled hypertension. If yours is controlled, and you don't have other risk factors, triptans may be a possibility.
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    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: April 22, 2007