05/07/07 #7 - Worsening Migraines with vision loss?

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    I have suffered from Migraines for about 15 yrs now, however, in the last month or more I have had about 7 episodes where I have part vision loss and then the really bad pain hits. I have had a MRI done in the last week and half which came back normal. What could this be? I have had my eyes checked, and nothing there either. I have been in a lot of pain everyday for a month now and its really getting me concerned. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Terri.


    Dear Terri;

    Who is treating you and ordered the MRI? While this could be Migraine and the vision loss part of the Migraine aura, you need to be examined thoroughly and that exam, along with your medical history, used to confirm that it is Migraine or determine what it is. In your place, I'd be making an appointment with a headache/Migraine specialist as soon as possible. You can find a directory of some specialists HERE. With this daily pain, however, if you're going to have to wait for the appointment with the specialist, please get your own doctor to do something for you in the meantime. Also, your doctor might be able to get you into a specialist more quickly than you can on your own. Please don't take chances. Get medical care as soon as possible.
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    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: May 07, 2007