05/07/07 #4 - Why increased Migraines now?

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    I'm 52 years old. Just in the last year I've gotten migraines at least 4-5 in a month before it was only once a month. I vomit, my head feels like it will bust, I can't stand light or sound. Why now? I drink one pop a day sometimes, half a cup of coffee, sometimes some chocolate candy. Debra.


    Dear Debra;

    Migraines can change patterns many times over a Migraineur's life. There's no one answer. You didn't mention anything about perimenopause or menopause. If you're experiencing either, the hormone fluctuations could ber an issue. Do you know that the foods you mention are triggers for you? Do you know that others aren't? Have there been any changes in your sleep patterns? Have you moved to a different climate? You probably see the issue by now. There's just not enough information here for anyone to hazard a guess. What has your doctor said? If you're not already, start a Migraine diary. It's an excellent tool to assist you and your doctor in spotting triggers and patterns. If you haven't seen your doctor, make an appointment. If your doctor can't help, consult a Migraine specialist. If you can't identify and manage your triggers, it may be time to try daily preventive medications.
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    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: May 07, 2007