05/14/07 #6 - Worse and worse headaches, Provigil, sleep issues?

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    I have suffered from headaches all of my life - but in the past two years they have been getting worse and worse. Every headache comes in the form of a constant sharp pain and pressure in both of my temples.  It feels like my head is being squeezed in a vice.  I have no halo or light sensitivity, just sharp pain. I wear contact lenses that are the correct prescription, and take a low dose of Effexor for anxiety. I also take Provigil daily for Narcolepsy.  Can these be migraines or another type of headache? Also, could the headaches be triggered by the Provigil / sleep issues? I am just wondering if I should see a Neurologist. I take Relpax, but lately it has not been working to stop the pain - my headaches sometimes come for weeks at a time nearly every month. Please help! Thank you so much. Lindsay.

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    Dear Lindsay;

    Yes, it’s time to see a neurologist or a headache and Migraine specialist. You don’t say that you’ve been diagnosed with Migraine disease, but Relpax is a Migraine-specific medication. Still, your symptoms aren’t necessarily Migraine symptoms. Your description of “being squeezed in a vise,” is more typical of tension-type headache. Sleep issues are common triggers for both headaches and Migraines. One potential side effect of Provigil is headache, but your description sounds more severe than what one would expect were that the case. Another concern here is that you mention that these headaches last for weeks. Migraine attacks that last that long can present increased stroke risk. Do seek advice from a neurologist or headache and Migraine specialist as soon as possible.

    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: May 14, 2007