05/21/07 #4 - Auditory aura sounding like bubbles or static?

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    I am the wife of a migraine sufferer. My husband has suffered from Migraines for about two years now. His last two migraines (especially the one tonight) he reports an auditory aura that he says sounds like bubbles going up his neck, almost like a static type noise. It's been hard to have him officially diagnosed here in Alaska because getting in to see the neurologist is not easy. Our regular doctor has given him samples to try such as Maxalt and a few others. The Maxalt and a couple others help more than the others, but he is one that hates to be knocked out so he avoids taking them till it is too late and the pain is really bad. I don't know what else to do to get him some relief and I am really concerned about this "bubbling" sound and also the tremors he gets in his left hand, are either of those symptoms common and what could be causing them? The tremor in his hand is almost there all the time now, but definitely more noticeable right before the onset of a migraine and is bad throughout the migraine as well. Thanks so much for any insight you can give us. Kristie.

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    Dear Kristie;

    I feel for your desperation. We recently treated a woman three hours south of Anchorage and it took me quite a while to get some IV treatments set up close to her hometown. Also there are relatively few headache specialists in Alaska and a neurologist is not automatically the primary person to see, although it is the usual conception. For example, in Anchorage there is a Dr. Valerie Brown and in Fairbanks there is a Dr. Nancy Cross, and neither seem to be neurologists and yet both belong to the American Headache Society. The noises in the ear your husband experiences can be part of a migraine attack. If the noise and the headache go away with triptans, then, that may be the case. Obviously, consultation with a headache expert would be desirable, as would an MRI of the brain. The tremors may be independent of the headache. Essential tremors are the 9th most common neurologic disorder and can run in families as well. Good luck in your search for relief.

    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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Published On: May 20, 2007