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New to doctor called it migraine clusters...3 weeks no relief

Hello everyone,   I'm 25 and just got diagnosed with what my doctor called migraine clusters. I've had next to no relief for the past 3 weeks. I saw a neurologist last friday and was given topomax and relpax which have helped a bit but I feel like I have so many triggers I still keep getting migraines. I know a major trigger is MSGs and it... Read moreChevron
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esanderson, Editor

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10 Common Migraine Triggers (INFOGRAPHIC)

Learn to spot these common migraine triggers and how to help prevent them.   (Click link to enlarge PDF)
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Teri Robert

Teri Robert, Health Guide

Author of "Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches"

It’s My Migraine, and I’ll Cry If I Want To!

Usually, I'm fairly good at coping with Migraines. I take my medications and, if I need to, lie down. And that's that. Usually.   In a way, I don't think I'd be as ticked off if my recent period of increased Migraines had been precipitated by an avoidable trigger that I'd taken my chances with. My main trigger lately, however, has been the... Read moreChevron
Ask the Clinician

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What's the Deal with This New Cefaly Thing the FDA Approved?

Full Question: What's the deal with this new Cefaly thing that the FDA approved? I keep seeing different information. Is there one of them or more than one? Is it just a TENS unit? Is it worth trying? If I just want to look like Wonder Woman, I can buy a costume for less . Thanks, Eleanor.   Full Answer: Dear Eleanor;   All good... Read moreChevron
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American Headache & Migraine Assoc.

American Headache & Migraine Assoc., Community Member

Patient organization for those with Migraine & other Headache Disorders.

The AHMA Is for Headache and Migraine Patients, Family, Friends

The American Headache and Migraine Association (AHMA) came into being to address the need and desire expressed by patients for a patient-focused, patient-driven nonprofit organization. It was founded in June of 2012 as a branch of the American Headache Society, a 501(c)(3) professional society for health care professionals in the field of... Read moreChevron
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