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I started getting Migraines about 5 years ago and now they are unbearable. I am not even the same person. I pretty much either have killer migraines for 4 days straight or a daily weird buring, throbbing, and zone feeling. Doctors seem to be clueless. They move you through medication. The daily stuff makes you a zombie and most of the abort... Read moreChevron

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Hospital said son's constant headache would go away in 14 days?

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My son has had a constant headache.  After two hospitals, he was told he has an untreatable... Read moreChevron


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Hindsight Is 20/20 In Regard To My Migraines

I am now fifty and was diagnosed with migraines when I was in my early twenties, although I had suffered from them since age twelve. My father was diagnosed with cluster headaches and I learned later in life his brother and their father were also migraineurs. A few years ago, my sister was diagnosed with this condition. For most of my life, I... Read moreChevron

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New Chronic Migraine Sufferer - My 10 yr old daughter

At the end of August, my 10 year old was sent home with a severe headache.  I assumed she was dehydrated, as she is not good at keeping her fluids up, and treated her as such.  By the next day however, she seemed to be declining in her overall health (fatigued, constant pain, light sensitivity).  She was in so much pain, motrin... Read moreChevron

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