Thursday, August 21, 2014

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esanderson, Editor

Erica is passionate about healthy living, traveling, and journalism.

How Genetics Affect Asthma: Doctor Q&A

Asthma is a complex respiratory condition affecting millions of Americans. And now research is shifting toward the role genetics plays in causing asthma and how this might help create new treatments. Dr. James Thompson, HealthCentral’s asthma expert, discusses how genetics influences asthma control, severity and... Read moreChevron
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chewieb, Community Member


Have found hope

I have been a migraine sufferer for about 20 years. I am at wit's ends lately and decided to visit this and have found a bit of hope. Thank you.
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Teri Robert

Teri Robert, Health Guide

Author of "Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches"

Ever pain-free enough to exercise daily? Migraine Question of the Week

This week, I'm taking our Migraine Question of the Week from a question one of my readers posted to my Facebook page, and it's a great one about daily exercise with migraines. That's just one of the great questions our readers have asked Migraine disease and other headache disorders here on HealthCentral's Migraine community. Ellen, Cyndi and I... Read moreChevron
Cyndi Jordan

Cyndi Jordan, Health Guide

Patient Advocate and Migraineur

Are You a Striver, a Survivor, or a Thriver?

Hello! Since I'm new to the HealthCentral migraine community, it seems appropriate to introduce myself before writing other blog posts as a health guide. So, here goes. :-)   Some of my earliest memories as a child were of that growing sense of trepidation as every sound grew louder, every smell more intense and every light brighter. As the... Read moreChevron

Meat as a migraine trigger

My son has suffered from severe migraines for years. Meds have provided limited relief. We adjusted his diet (no gluten or milk), but that didn't help. He recently thought meat might be a trigger so he became vegetarian. Sure enough, that's the issue. Not just cured meats, anything, but fish. Pork, beef and chicken all trigger the migraine... Read moreChevron
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