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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 dkc, Community Member, asks

Q: Is there a connection between migraines and AVMs (arteriovenous malformations)?

Before I knew I had an AVM (arteriovenous malformation), I had headaches that would last for hours on end. After I had surgery to remove the AVM from my neck, I joined an online AVM support group (, and it seems that many of the people on there who have AVMs or have had them removed suffer from horrendous headaches.

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
6/22/09 6:14pm



I'm not totally clear on your question. In the title, you ask about Migraines, but in the rest of your question, you talk about headaches. There's a definite difference.


Headaches are a common symptom of AVM. In someone with a genetic predisposition to Migraine, an AVM can also trigger some Migraines.



Scott, Community Member
7/ 5/12 11:31pm


I am new to this site so sorry to jump into the conversation, I found that I have an AVM in 2008 deep within the left side of my brain (speach area) they have told me that I will loose my ability to speak if they have to go in and remove it.  I have been dealing with very bad headaches for as long as I can remember,I am turning 50 this year. I get headaches about 4 days a week some last as long as 22 hours, they feel like they are pulled muscles in my neck and down the right side of my back. I have been going to accupunture for about 3 months and it helps some but they continue, is this commen with AVM's sorry if I misspell but I think that it maybe affecting my spelling as well. I have asked many doctors to help with my headaches but no one really knows how to help. I was told by my doctor last week that I should have the AVM removed even though I will loose the abilitly to speak and the moment he said that the headaches got worse so I know that stress has a lot to do with them as well i am learning that AVM's can reduce the blood flow to the spinal cord that can cause back and neck pain, is that true?

I have never asked for help from anyone but I can no longer deal with the reality that this  illness may win.


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