• Nancy Nancy
    July 02, 2008
    What do I do about headaches that occur with barometric pressure changes. I've tried so many meds..
    Nancy Nancy
    July 02, 2008

    I have suffered with this type of headache for over 20 years.  I have kept journals several times and the results are always the same.  Barometric pressure changes... I've tried all kinds of migraine meds, pain killers, etc and nothing stops them until the weather changes.  What else can I do?  I'm very frustrated and this has been a difficult summer with lots of weather changes.  Please help!



  • Teri Robert
    Health Guide
    July 07, 2008
    Teri Robert
    Health Guide
    July 07, 2008



    Keep working on your preventive regimen. Barometric pressure changes are one of my worst triggers too, but with mu current preventive regimen, I'm getting far fewer Migraines ever thought the weather has been so horrid for them this spring and summer.


    Also, talk to your doctor about the possibility of something you can take when you know the pressure is going to change. I know a couple of Migraineurs who take Diamox when they know a weather front is moving in.


    If your doctor can't help with this, it may well be time for a Migraine specialist. See our directory of patient recommended specialists if you need help finding one.




  • Jill July 03, 2008
    July 03, 2008

    Hi Nancy,


    Sadly I don't have any answers either - but know that you are not alone. This year has been brutal for my migraines as I don't think we've had 3 consecutive days of the same weather all year. I am suffering and unsuccessfully medicated the same as yourself...going on 12 years here.

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