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Friday, November 05, 2010 drb, Community Member, asks

Q: Cutting hair short help headache or migraine???

I know this sounds a little silly to me, but I have just had a therapist who specializes in headaches who advised me to cut my hair short and that would help the headaches & migraines.  Something about some electric current in hair folicales.  Has anyone experienced this??

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
11/11/10 2:12pm



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I've never heard anything like this theory of electric current in hair folicles triggering Migraines. With all the research that's been done, I'd think that would be well known by now if it had any scientific foundation.


One thing that occurs to me is that long, heavy hair could cause a tension-type headache which, in turn, could trigger a Migraine. That does happen to some people when they put their hair up and pull it too tight.


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Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
11/ 8/10 9:03am

Hi drb,


What kind of therapist? Can't say I've every heard this before and since Migraine is a genetic neurological disease thought to be caused by overactive neurons in our brains and genetics, I'm not sure how getting a haircut with help with a Migraine or headache.When you get a chance, take a look at this article; What is Migraine?


I have short hair, and continue to have Migraine disease and other type of headaches......



drb, Community Member
11/ 9/10 8:30pm

Thank you for responding - when my primary dr told me about this other therapist, I too thought it was ridiculous since I have read alot of books and articles and it didn't make sense.  I've had my hair for 38 years, and just started getting really bad migraines & headaches within the last year and  half.  I had them before but not as often or chronic.  I would have thought that person would have known better, but wanted to put it out there as I want to explore all possibilities for getting better.  I don't want to miss something to try if it can help.


Thank you again for your time!

Kay Al, Community Member
6/ 1/13 12:12pm

A friend of mine told me that their mother was suffering from chronic migraines and someone recommended cutting her hair to prevent the migraines from happening and she said it worked for her mother. I do have long hair. it goes all the way up to my lower back. and like you I was getting migraines before but not as often. now I get them almost everyday. I take medicine to prevent them but it doesnt seem to help lately. I am going to cut my hair shoulder length and see if it helps at all. Hair grows so I am going to give it a try.

Izzy, Community Member
11/ 2/13 6:10pm

I cut my hair and I feel wonderful! It help with my headaches and I feel as though a thousand pounds of released pressure...

Katinthecorner, Community Member
11/ 9/10 11:32am

Hi Drb,


Uhm, that's interesting....  And by interesting I mean a little ridiculous. Wink 


My $0.02...I started getting chronic migraines in 2007, when my hair was very short, a little longer than Nancy's length.  My hair is now down past my shoulders and I still have chronic migraines.


-Kelly =)

drb, Community Member
11/ 9/10 8:34pm

I thought it was ridiculous too - I'm glad my primary dr doesn't think it makes sense either or I'd be in trouble.  I've been through at least 4 neurologists because they aren't taking it serious enough for me.  The only one really helping is my primary dr.


Thank you again for responding! 

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