• midaya July 23, 2009
    July 23, 2009

    For myself, this type of pain happens often as a result of having trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ, and MPDS, it is a paralyzing kind of pain, wicked headache, but it is a different kind of headache than is the migraine headache that is induced by other stressors.  I've found that it is so difficult to avoid the headache ocurring stressors as different types of severe headaches are the result of the facial neuralgia, jaw misalignment, stress levels, strong scents, lights, noise, oncoming rain and humidity levels, hormones, damaged discs and nerves in the neck flaring up, I've learned to identify easily the source, often situations beyond my control.  You may wish to consult with a competant neurologist in regards to the severe pains in the temple area, forewarning, they tend not to be sympathetic or understanding, at least not in my experiences.  I do hope you find the solution to mngt of the pain and the headaches.

  • Bruce Schjeldahl November 24, 2010
    Bruce Schjeldahl
    November 24, 2010

    I have sharp pains that come on the right side of my head.  My temple, my right ear and even on the top of my head.  These pains began about 5 days ago.

    I have never had the symptoms before.  What is the cause?

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