• angelicbear angelicbear
    July 07, 2009
    Extreme pain in temples?
    angelicbear angelicbear
    July 07, 2009

    I get temple headaches that are unbearable at times.  They are in one temple or the other, but not both, although sometimes they do bounce back and forth.  I have these headaches every day, all day and night, but they vary in strength.  Sometimes they are nagging headaches, no biggie, but other times they hurt so bad, I just want to curl up and die.  Some are a stabbing pain that even hurt my eye balls.  Nothing in particular seems to set them off, and nothing in particular seems to make them go away.

    I've been to many doctors for these temple headaches, and they've ruled out migraine headahces, cluster headaches, stress headaches, and sinus headaches.  Every doctor I've been to tries different medications, but nothing helps.  None of the doctors can figure out what is causing these headaches or how to treat them.  I am looking for help in finding a doctor that can help me.  I have Medicaid insurance which seems to be a big issue with most headache instututes.  I'm desperate.  I've been going through this for 2 1/2 years, and sometimes I wonder if I can keep going at this pace.  I've been put on disability.  HELP!  Thank you!




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