• Sandra Allen Sandra Allen
    July 16, 2010
    use of thorazine and rebound
    Sandra Allen Sandra Allen
    July 16, 2010

    I have chronic migraine disorder and menstrual migraines are refractory.


    To avoid migraine, my specialist recommends Anaprox for mild migraine, DHE 45 for moderate migraine, and Thorazine for severe migraine along with daily preventives that we are still working to get right.


    Does Thorazine have the potential for rebound?


    I have been in migraine for 9 days now and have suffered through 48 hour periods without any drugs to avoid rebound and to exact some relief from the drugs I take in the interim periods.


    For the first couple of days, I was able to control the migraine by using Phenergan.  For me, starting digestion sometimes works to control the migraine especially if it's in the beginning stages.


    Then I used the Anaprox approach followed by the Dhe for couple of days.


    I resorted to Thorazine when all else failed.


    After that, I allowed 48 hours to pass because I know about rebound and used Imitrex inject.


    Today after 36 hours the migraine is back in full force.


    Just checking:  Is the thorazine a culprit in rebound?  Have had the question in to my doctor for three days now.  Will call again today. 


    Can you help me with this question?


    Many thanks.




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