• npalmer2 npalmer2
    November 14, 2009
    Ear pressure and pain in head?
    npalmer2 npalmer2
    November 14, 2009

    I have been having sharp pains in my head plus ear pressure for two weeks every day now. It feels like my ear will burst with pressure and the pressure in my head feels weird and makes me light-headed and very tired. My husband says it's nothing but stres. Is he right?  Am I just stressed? 



  • Nancy Harris Bonk
    Health Guide
    November 17, 2009
    Nancy Harris Bonk
    Health Guide
    November 17, 2009

    Hi npalmer2,

    It sounds like you could be suffering from an ear infection or pressure from the inner ear.  Try a warm compress behind the ear, a decongestant, or Dramamine nondrowsy.  An ENT would be able to check out those symptoms and let you know for sure.  Stress might aggravate a problem, but you still have to address the problem. 

    What I can do is give you some information about Migraine and headaches? Any head pain that lasts that long should be looked at by a doctor. I can tell you that stress does make us more susceptible to our triggers. Let's say you've had a horrible day at work, stay up late, eat a lot of chocolate(if these are Migraine triggers for you) and your son brings a fresh cold home from school. These things are the triggers, Migraine is the diease - body under lots of triggers, and a fresh cold - watch out!! We have more information on this on our Migraine trigger page.

    Call your doctor, then let us know how it goes, ok?


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