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Tuesday, December 02, 2008 juliennne, Community Member, asks

Q: Can migraine symptoms last for over a month?

Can a migraine last for a month? I was diagnosed today with what the doctor is calling migraine without the headache phase. I have had dizziness and vertigo for over a month now.  I had surgery on my hand six weeks ago and woke up with lightheadedness and vertigo.  When I move my head or walk around, things seem to shake or move for a few seconds.  This happens frequently throughout the day. Flickering light while driving is especially bad too. I end up feeling motion sick and with a dull headache.  Its like my brain isn't processing visual information quickly enough, but my vision is checks out fine. Is this a migraine or repeated migraines that I'm getting everyday?  Do I need to get a second opinion?  My symptoms seem unusual because of the frequency and duration. 

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
12/ 3/08 5:46pm



Migraine symptoms can last for over a month, but they shouldn't. Typically, a Migraine lasts from 4 to 72 hours. Did your doctor suggest anything to stop this Migraine?


Migraine can occur without the headache. For more see Acephalgic or Silent Migraine - The Basics.


Certainly, if you're not comfortable with this diagnosis, a second opinion is in order.


Good luck,


lynn, Community Member
12/ 4/08 8:14am

Hi Juliennne:  Unfortunately this type of heacache does occur for some of us - I'm not sure it's known why.  In 2006 I had an 8-week headache that peeled 20 pounds off me due to extreme nausea - I basically had to ride it out til it had run its' couse.  Hopefully you will get some relief soon.  If you feel the diagnosis missed the mark, a second opinion would help to relieve your worries. 

Candy, Community Member
12/11/08 7:39am

I've had migranes last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks already with no relief from any drugs, diet or exercise.  It just had to run it's course.  Typically these migraines are triggered by a change in the weather for me; and no relief even when the weather 'evened out'.  It was just a chain reaction that couldn't be stopped.  So I would assume your surgery triggered the migraine you're having now.  And it won't stop 'till it has run it's course.  I'm sorry this sounds dismal, but I do empathize with you pain!  It won't last forever tho.

Debora, Community Member
12/11/08 10:23am

Hi Julienne,


I hope you have gotten relief by now.  Yes a migraine can last that long.  It's better for you if it doesn't.  What works for me may not work for you, but if I get a migraine that lasts for weeks I go to my doctor and get a "knock-out" shot to break the cycle.  Basically a shot of Demerol and Pheneragan, sometimes it helps.

The migraine can be one that is an ongoing one.  Stopping the cycle helps that kind.  If on the other hand you are getting a new migraine every day it is caused by an underlying problem that is triggering the migraines.  Besides the surgery, what is new in your life?  Did they prescribe you a new medicine?  It could be a sensitivity to the medicine.   You need to think about what is different right now.  Stress doesn't help.  It adds to the pain.  Do something for yourself...go get a massage or go soak in a hot tub.  Whatever you need I hope you find it soon.



Liz, Community Member
12/11/08 10:27am

Hi Juliennne,

    I am going on week therr of a migraine. I can't stop mine with meds either.It just has to run it's course like they say.I can't wait till mine ends i know how you feel yuckyFrown. Hope you get well soon. 


crissy, Community Member
2/14/10 5:07pm

i have had a migraine for a month and a have now . my doctor is not sure what to do i have tried all kinds of migraine meds and had a ct scan and blood work done. my doctors says everything looks fine but my head pain will not go away its there for the minute i wake up till i go to sleep . Its a stinging sharp pain that gives me no relief and is making my life very hard to live with,does anyone know something i could try ??

ooiebear, Community Member
10/28/10 11:38am

i too have had a migraine for over a month and am desperate. when did your migraine eventually go away?? i am dying over here....

Teri Robert, Health Guide
10/28/10 2:57pm



What has your doctor said about this Migraine? There are treatments that can break this type of Migraine. Sometimes, steroids such as a Medrol DosePack will do it. Sometimes, an IV infusion of something as simple as magnesium sulfate helps.


If your doctor isn't helping, it's time for a new doctor!


Let me know if I can help or give you any info?



ooiebear, Community Member
10/28/10 6:31pm

thank you so much for your quick response.. nothing like someone w/ migraines to commiserate.. very grateful. i have had them since i was 5 and  now am 41. this one longest ever...just got new dr who seems good. think going in tomorrow for steriod shot which might help then so desperate i might actually take topamax for a month even though of awful side effects, just to kick this one, then go back on my natural cures....and will take some extra magnesium tonight. forgot i used to take that for migraines dr also put me on something called DIM, and tumeric, and feverfew .. used to take butterbur the herb worked great the first go around and now i am desensitized... migraines blow. am grateful for your support. xo jen 

Lana, Community Member
7/ 6/11 11:44pm



Unfortunately, yes migraine symptoms can definitely last this long.  Mine have been getting worse as I get older, and I had a 40 day migraine last summer (which finally responded to DHE on the third try); and a 70 day migraine this past winter (which would not respond to anything, and eventually just finally went away itselfFrown) .  The did try hospitalization and steroids on me for the 40 day one, but it didn't work.  Good luck, and I hope they figure out something that works for you soon.



baci, Community Member
2/15/10 9:15pm

i had severe vertigo migraines for years with aura and often times of complete ovarian op at one point. it did resolve to a degree wherein i hrld a challenging job with travel and lotsa stress. was diagnosed with a blood dis. where i make too manyplatlets and that after yrs complicated on drugs to stabilize situation and am always monitored. get a check up from a dr and have a blood test general CBC and have a look at your blood levels and hormones. weather is a big affect.dr zee at johns hopkins dianosed the vertigo migraines for me. there are many meds avail. unfort i then had a head injury ,a window fell on my head .im lucky to b alive. the chronic migraines with light sound movement nausea back,neck shoulder pain,muscle spazs etc r all alot. nyc based migraineheadachepain specialst, dr alex mauskop, is amaz,and best anywhere. look 4 his wbsite pluus his med avail online migralex. aspirin and tolerable oral magnesium. i take alot of meds...u could try topomax,neurontin,klonopin,botox..........feel bttr. 

Anonymous Health User, Community Member
6/21/10 4:19pm

i have had a silent migraine for over 2 months now and dont think i will go away any time soon, my symptoms are similar to yours except i have loud ringing in my ears and extreme sensitivity to sound and light.  no medication helps and its driving me crazy, i would rather have a splitting headache then this.  silent migraines stink and mine never stops like yours, good luck to us both.

Agostina, Community Member
10/10/10 2:53pm

Hi there, have you got a solution or you still have the silent migraine?

I seem to have the same symptoms as you! The doctor says it's a silent migraine with visual and auditory aura. This has been going on for 6 weeks non stop but I've never got a headache. I have extreme photophobia and ringing in my ears and I hear too much. I'm with sunglasses and earplugs 24 hs a day. Medications don't work either. I'm getting desperate...


tallartist, Community Member
9/ 4/12 10:21am

I have had this for 6 weeks.  It feels like a constant stream of energy trying to enter my body through my forehead and occasionally through the top of my head. The photosensitivity is the worst.  My worst episodes are at sunrise, 3:30 pm, and sunset.  Additional episodes occur related to bright sunlight or flashing lights.  My head does not ache but my soul is disturbed and there is nausea, dizziness, imbalance, blurred vision in right eye, and afterwords I am exhausted.  Episodes last from minutes to 2-3 hours and I am exhausted afterwards.  Sleep seems to be the best remedy along with covering my eyes tightly with a black cloth. The ringing in the ears is not new but does get worse during an episode. It seems to me like some sort of seizure but I don't really know.  It is very disruptive to my life and docs are not very good at diagnosing what is going on. I have had similar syptoms preceding a manic episode so I naturally thought it might be that but those symptoms rarely last more than a day. 6 weeks is a long time to feel lousy.  I can't even drive. MRI showed a small lesion which was identified as a venous angioma or a cavernoma but doctors say it is very small and is not causing my symptoms.  7 doctors and no answer.  Very tired.


Migrainesstink, Community Member
11/14/12 12:24pm
Hello, I am struggling with a silent migraine also (just about 8 weeks long now). Can you tell me if/wended yours went away and how it did? Did it go away on its own? Did you break it with medication? Are you on medication now? And if so, which one(s)? I'm in hell now so anything you can tell me would be helpful. Thank you. Reply
Just Diagnosed., Community Member
2/19/11 10:06pm

I have just been diagnosed with migrane after years of silent migrane symptoms without diagnosis. I finally got diagnosed after I experienced a migrane WITH the headache. I have found out since that there is a history of migrane in my family, and have been prescribed a preventor called Sandomigran. Headache lasted a good week, but now that it has passed and I still have the other symptoms. Mainly the weak, faint feeling, photosensitivity and inability to concentrate. I've heard this hangover stage is quite common but I have no idea how long it is supposed to last for. I hope this passes soon as I need to get back to work!!!

Melissa, Community Member
3/ 8/12 5:32pm
I have just been diagnosed with the same thing (migraine without headache), and been prescribed Sandomigran as well. I have been dizzy/ have visual disturbances for 6 weeks now. I've been taking the Sandomigran for a week now and haven't had much of a change. How long did it take for you to get well again? I'm getting very depressed :( Reply
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