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Monday, August 31, 2009 mel, Community Member, asks

Q: will muscle relaxers help a migraine?

will muscle relaxers help with anxiety durring a migraine or worsen the migraine?

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Megan Oltman, Community Member
8/31/09 6:50pm

Mel some people use muscle relaxers to help them relax during a Migraine, and to release muscular tension that can lead to tension headaches, which can change into Migraines. I have not heard of muscle relaxers worsening a particular Migraine, but some people can have side effects or reactions to that drug. You should look up the particular medication and check out potential side effects.


- Megan 

amanda, Community Member
9/12/09 4:53pm

i can tell you right now!!!! NO NO NO it didn't help at all for me. i have been that desperate to. get your husband to give you alittle massage it will help more than that. i have alot of stress to you will need something stronger than a muscle relaxer...the more stressed i get the worse they get and more frequent... in todays economy who isn't stressed..i wish you the best. pray to god sometime it will help. i am not even religious.. you need to change doctors if that is what he prescribed...

Marlene Sylvester, Community Member
9/17/09 5:15am

I take muscle relaxants when the pain starts in the back of my head. The lower part. I get muscle spasms. So it does help me in that way. It does not take the migraine away but helps in elevating the pain.   


There are many meds used in many ways for many people and for many different patients.

mikal.eaton, Community Member
11/17/10 1:42pm

I have high anxioty and cluster migrains..... They have me on a pain killer because the other medications that you take at the first sign of a headach make me incredibly sick. Plus I usually get the start of a headach while still sleeping. The pain killers don't always work so I was wondering if a muscle relaxer might help more.

Mandy, Community Member
2/ 2/12 11:53am

I am a migraine sufferer who's migraines hit usually when I'm sleeping. I also get a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck from the job that I do. I tried Boots own Tension headache tablets and also Syndol, I found they helped me greatly, as nothing before that has worked for me, the strongest being Immigram injections, tablets & nasal spray & Migralieve Tablets. Whenever I felt that a headache could turn into a migraine, I would take either of these & thankfully, it would not appear! I worked out the other day, that I ave not had a migraine in over 18 months now.....I was getting them every 4-6 weeks previous to taking them.

So in my own personal opinion.....Yes they work!

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