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Wednesday, February 04, 2009 KoruraM, Community Member, asks

Q: tooth ache can cause migraine

I always think my tooths ache causing the pain for my migraine.

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
2/ 5/09 2:07pm



It is possible for a toothache to trigger a Migraine. Is there something wrong with the tooth?


It's also possible for a Migraine to make your teeth ache.


If it's the tooth triggering the Migraine, you should see your dentist.


Good luck,


Nana Pat, Community Member
2/ 5/09 7:48am


I believe that it is possible for a toothache to trigger a migraine.  Or it may be that the toothache is an early sign of a migraine coming.  Teeth are very close to the brain, where migraines begin. 


The neurologist who first diagnosed me said that other types of headache can trigger migraine, and I have found that to be true.  It makes sense to me that toothache could also trigger a migraine.


Nana Pat 

Sandra Allen, Community Member
2/ 5/09 9:22am

Yes.  In my case, any headache or pain of any type in my head or neck, shoulders can trigger migraine.  The key is the control the other pain before it triggers migraine.  I need a crown on one of my teeth and it has been triggering migraine.  I have been using a hot rice pack for the tooth to ease the pain in the meantime (while waiting for dental work).  These rice packs are put in the microwave to warm them, are shaped for different body parts.  Mine is shaped for shoulders and I can wrap it just about anywhere on my body.  I sometimes wrap it around my head when I'm experiencing tension headache (NEVER for migraine headache) to ease tension.  It works pretty good as a temporary easing for my tooth pain (I lay it right on the face/jaw where it's aching).  You could probably order one online or ask a salon that offers massage therapy.  Mine was about $15.

kristyanne, Community Member
2/12/10 1:00pm

I was also worried about headaches and toothache are they for real.




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