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Monday, May 17, 2010 wiredangel24, Community Member, asks

Q: Miraine for almost 48 hours! Help!

I have had a migraine for almost 48 hours with no relief from Motrin or excedrin. Should I go to the Urgent Care??

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
5/18/10 3:48pm

Hello and welcome!


The better choice would be to call your own doctor who can suggest treatment based on familiarity with your medical history and health. Urgent care and emergency room should be used when seeing your own doctor isn't an option or when your own doctor sends you there.


Maybe it's time to be under a doctor's treatment for your Migraines. There are lots of options.


Please keep us posted?


Welcome again,


Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
5/18/10 10:02am

Hi wiredangel24,



A single Migraine that lasts 72 hours or longer with less than a solid four-hour pain-free period, while awake, is termed status Migrainous. You should see your doctor or go to the emergency room if a Migraine lasts that long. See Status Migrainous - The Basics for more information.


How many days a week do you take something to relieve these headaches? Taking Migraine abortive meds such as the triptans or ergotamines or any kind of pain medication -- prescription or over-the-counter -- more than two or three days a week can make matters worse by causing medication overuse headache (MOH), aka rebound. See Medication Overuse Headache - When the Remedy Backfires for more information on this.


Good luck and let us know how you are doing, ok?


wiredangel24, Community Member
5/18/10 3:57pm

Thank you everyone for your answers! I decided last night to go to the urgent care. I have a pretty awful ear infection, so the doc was not sure if what I am experiencing is a migraine or a headache as result from my ear. He offered to give me a shot for the pain, but I had to decline. Im a Navy wife and my husband is deployed at the present time, and Ive got 3 kiddos ages 15,13 and 7, and so I had to drive myself and make sure that I was fully awake this morning to get everyone off to school. So I left with antibiotics and some pain medication. As of today? I still feel very lousy, so Im hoping after a day or 2 on the antibiotic I will see some relief! Thank you again for your answers and support!

Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
5/19/10 8:27am

 I'm glad you were able to take care of yourself. Do you have a primary doctor? We suggest people go to Urgent Care or ER - after they speak with their doctors first. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way, but it is good to start with the primary guy first. Or whomever is treating your Migraine/headaches.


Will you be following up with your doctor?

Karilen, Community Member
5/18/10 10:34am

The decision to go to Urgent Care seems to be very personal. If you do not have migraine-specific medications to help, and you want some pain relief, then you could always decide to go any time. I have chosen to do this before and usually have someone give me a ride, and then go home to sleep after they give medication -- normally a shot. We hope we never have to go, but it is there for a reason, and personally I have always been relieved after going. Hope you get somer relief soon!

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