• okmedhead okmedhead
    April 18, 2010
    How many units of Botox does it take for effective treatment & where should the injection site be?
    okmedhead okmedhead
    April 18, 2010

    I go to a Medical spa for laser hair removal.  She also offers Botox treatments.  My migraines are primarily left-sided.  How many units are needed to be effective and where should the injection sites be?  The Dr who does the lhr pointed to a couple of spots she would do for some lines, but said she has given shots for migraines and has been successful.  The minimum total units for one treatment is 20 units and the maximum is 32 units.  I have heard that the level given for cosmetic reasons is a lot lower than for migraines.  Also, my headaches are not only on my forehead, but up my head, down the back of my head, and down to my neck.


    The spa is having a special in May and I can't get into my Neuro until June, although I am trying to get her on the phone.  I would appreciate any info.


    Jill Nuckolls 



  • Teri Robert
    Health Guide
    April 24, 2010
    Teri Robert
    Health Guide
    April 24, 2010



    I'm sorry to say that there's really no answer to this. How many units of Botox would be used and the injection sites varies from one person to the next. Some need Botox just in the temporal area; others need it in different and/or additional areas.


    Some doctors inject Botx for Migraine into the muscles, some inject it under the skin, but not into the muscle. You can read more on this in Intradermal Botox for Migraine, Headache, Pain Disorders. I don't know anything about the doctor at this spa, so I cannot speak to her experience or qualifications, but being trained to admiister Botox for cosmetic purposes does NOT qualify a doctor to administer it for Migraine. Personally, I would not let a doctor inject me with Botox for Migraine unless he or she were specifically trained and expereinced in Botox for Migraine.


    Hope this helps,



  • songbird June 14, 2010
    June 14, 2010

    When Medicaid covered it my Botox was injected on my forehead, scalp, bottom of skull above neck and around my eyes & jaws-I got around 12 to 16 shots that felt like quick bee stings.  It seemed like they helped but not that much.  The mst help was from preventing my squinting habit and jaw-clenching, especially while asleep. It diminished the # of headaches I was having per week & I would try it again if it were available.  But I got mine from a headache and pain specialist in a Pain Clinic-I wouldn't get them from someone who doesn't know your trigger points. Good luck!

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