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  • Megan Oltman June 04, 2009
    Megan Oltman
    June 04, 2009

    Hi Sweet Pea -


    I have been taking the generic sumatriptan (Imitrex) and I've found it works just the same as the brand name for me. I have heard others say it works fine, and still others that it doesn't work as well for them - so it may be like many things, that it varies from one person to another.  If I was you, I would try it, and if you find it's not as good for you, talk to your doctor. Maybe the insurance company will cover the brand-name if your doctor writes a statement of medical necessity for you.


    Good luck!

    - Megan

    • tamms4
      June 05, 2009
      June 05, 2009

      Hi Sweet pea,

      For me it's hard to tell because when I had to take the name brand, I had to pay a co pay for my insurance.  So I didn't take them untill I knew I really needed them and most of the time it would  be too late.  With the generic they are free, so I don't wait so long and I feel better sooner.  I do tend to feel much more tired tho, but that could be because they are actually working


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