• Teri Robert
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    August 25, 2013
    Teri Robert
    Health Guide
    August 25, 2013



    I have to admit to being confused by the acyclovir. It's an antiviral medication, and nothing I can find on it indicates that it would be used for simple imflammation.


    You didn't say how long these pains last. If they only last a few seconds, the could be ice pick headaches. You can find more information on this in Ice Pick Headaches - The Basics. Of course, we can't diagnose; only your doctor can do that, but we can share this information with you.


    If these pains continue, and your doctor doesn't have any answers, remember that there's nothing wrong with seeing a different doctor for a second opinion.




    P.S.  Here are some other links you might find helpful:


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    • Scali
      December 18, 2014
      December 18, 2014
      I started with this type of headache a month ago they lasted all Day every few seconds sharp pain on Left side behind my ear for one week then just went away .they have just started again one month later on the right side of my head behind my ear I am taking Indicin. But only gives mild relief, if I sit with the hair blower on hot blowing on to my head and the pain stops for awhile. I do not know what to do. Alice READ MORE
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