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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 Plet, Community Member, asks

Q: Does anyone have an opinion on halogen light bulbs?

All my life i've felt queasy around flourescent lightbulbs.  I thought maybe it was a snobbish decorating opinion, but after a horendous migrane incident that began with a nauseating aura in a large fourescent-light-filled discount store, i began to suspect a connection!  Now I see this is a common trigger for many.  What I'm curious to know, has anyone had any experience with halogen bulbs?  When I've seen them in lighting stores,  they don't give me that queasy feeling.

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Susan, Community Member
2/19/09 8:17am

My husband decided to "go green" and change all of the lightbulbs in our house to the halogen version.  Bang--migraine headaches came on like never before.  During the first few days, I could sense I was feeling the sensitivity in my eyes and just feeling that uncomfortable stage of "is this turning into a migraine or not?, do I take my imitrex now or wait?".  After a week of this, and finally putting two and two together (you know how feeling migrainey can impair your thinking logically?) I switched all the main floor bulbs back to the regular ones.  It made a huge difference.  Now, the only bulbs in the house that are halogen are the rooms I rarely use.  Problem solved for me.  In my case, these "newer" bulbs made no difference as a trigger.

Marlene Sylvester, Community Member
2/19/09 4:26am

While it is true that the flourescent type bulb plays havoc with my migraines for me any type light that is too bright or cast a glare can get me running to the bathroom. No, I am not fond of alot of different type lighting.


If I am at Walmart most times  I come home not feeling well at all. Car lights, street lights, many business lighting. sporting events, the lights that shine on many type displays like the Quilt shows that I like to go to, peoples homes that have too much lighting on for me and as always sun light.


The new type bulb is suppose to change again or so I thought because of it causing head pain for many. Seems like I heard or read where a study may have been done saying the new bulb out now doesn't trigger migraines. I am not sure where the volunteers came from because I have read of many complaining with the new lighting.


I am no help as far as the new lighting out now not affecting me and maybe since I am so sensitive to lighting that is why.  



Sue, Community Member
2/19/09 9:15am

Fluoresent lights have always triggered a migraine for me but the blue Halogen? lights that are being put on cars just instantly trigger a migraine.  I think that they ought to be outlawed.  They are so bright that they are dangerous.  I have to put my hand up to shield my eyes from them leaving just a little of the road visible which is also danegerous.

jena_NYC, Community Member
2/19/09 10:47am

For me, the new energy-saving light is just as bad as flourescent light.  I have been affected by flourescent lights for as long as I can remember, and by the energy-saving ones since they have been around, but I only started getting migraines last September at 35.  I remember a halogen lamp I had in college which was fine. It gave off a similar light to regular bulbs, as apposed to the extra-terrestrial blue awfulness emitted by the new energy-saving ones - are they halogen too? In general, the dimmer the better.

LE, Community Member
2/19/09 11:05am

Hate it!!!! Make me sick all the time... I have close my eyes and runnnnnnn away.

PS, Community Member
3/ 2/12 2:16pm

My daughter is a music teacher in the public school system. She suffers severe migraines daily when exposed to the flourescent lights.  Many of her students suffer from daily headaches. Her response has been to turn off her classroom lights. She has brought her own floor and table lamps to use with regular lights. Along with regular sunlight thru windows there is no problem.  The children have told her that they love to come to her class because it feels so calm and quiet there. Whenever my daughter needs to attend meetings in other areas of the school she must wear dark, wrap-around sunglasses to avoid the migrains. The principal at her last school had little sympathy and felt there was really not a problem. At her new school, the principal has been willing to consider the problem for her as well as the students. So. It is time someone realizes that these new bulbs are a threat to our children's health. How can they study if they feel "light sick"?  Health expense and lowered performance outweigh the cost of regular light bulbs!!!!!  I tried to send this msg once before but do not know whether it went through...

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