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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 SueLynn, Community Member, asks

Q: Migraines and brain surgery

I would like to know who on here has had brain surgery in the past and is having migraines because of it? More specifically, if you have had brain surgery on the left side of your head, are you still experiencing migraines in your left temple and behind the left eye after the brain surgery years later?

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
12/ 4/08 12:30am



I don't have any experience with brain surgery to share with you, but I wanted to at least say welcome you. I hope someone has the experience to share with you.


We also have a discussion forum that you may want to check out. Especially if you have questions or are looking for information, you may find the interaction on the forum to be quite helpful. To get to the forum, just look for the orange box marked "Manage" and click on the Migraine Forums link. Because our forums are maintained by a third party, you'll need to register for the forum. You can use the same information you used to create your community log-in if you like. If you want to go directly to the forum, you can click HERE.


Welcome again!

Lana, Community Member
1/25/12 3:12am

Hi Terri,


I was going to reply to the migraine and brain aneurysm question as I have been a migraineur for 43 years, and then I was diagnosed with a right frontal lobe brain aneurysm in November of 2010.  I had clippimg surgery in February of 2011, and I still have migraines, unfortunately.  I had hoped beyond hope that the migraines might be cured by the surgery as well, but the Neurosurgeon told me that, unfortunately, migraine and aneurysms have nothing to do with each other - Bummer!  (he was right, my migraines didn't change a bit!  I went in for my surgery with a migraine, and when I woke up afterward it was still there :(  My computer is acting up and my answer disappeared into  limbo twice while I was typing it!!!!  Anyway, rather than trying to type the whole thing again, and trying to copy it to all the people who had questions I decided I would send this to you.  What I wanted to do was tell them about another support group I am a member of:           It is called the Brain Aneurysm Foundation Support Community, and there is an "Aneurysm & Migraine" Group there that is well-informed and really helpful, and I figured someone there might be able to answer their questions.  Could you please give them this message?  I'm afraid my typing will disappear again if Ipress anything other than SEND!!!


Thanks for your help with this, Terri,

I really need more practice  -    I'm really technologically challenged!

Lana Lavoie   

Sydders, Community Member
12/ 4/08 10:18pm



Do you have any links to proposals or studies endorsing brain surgery or possible brain surgery for headaches?  I've just never seen any research on it.  And I'm someone who is open to trying just about anything, including cutting the muscles in my head.


I know they have brain surgery for relief of epilepsy, I just haven't seen it for headache?

Jan, Community Member
6/16/09 8:27pm

I had brain surgery in Feb. this year and now am experiencing constant pain in my left temple and behind the left eye as well. My over the counter pain killers do not stop this pain.My last MRI was clear(May 2009), there is no tumour or swelling so it's a mystery to me what is causing this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Patricia, Community Member
4/16/10 8:34pm


I live in Baltimore and had brain aneruysm surgery in June 2009.  I am having severe headaches on the right side (where the surgery was) behind the right eye and at the right temple.  They have said the surgery has now caused me to have migraines.  Although I am able to work everyday, the headaches are painful and upsetting.  Tylenol, Alleve, and Excedrine do not work.  I have tried some prescription medication but again they do not work.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.  

Lynn, Community Member
2/ 9/11 12:20pm

i had a subachroid anuerism in 2007. It was a bleeder. they put in a clip. 6 months recovery at home, did not get all cognitives back. But about 4 months after surgery Bam! Migraines. I am currently averaging 12 migraines per month, 8 day run is the worst. Dr.s confirm the 8 day migraine is not menstrural migraine. 3 nuero's, claer MRI n CT's, pump me full of drugs. Getting to point of controlled drugs not working well. My torerance of all these migraines is getting worse. I am 48 yrs old, and I do not believe in suiside, it's not God's will. And I have 4 children, 2 are grown, 2 aren't an one needs me alot, she has CP and non verbal/nonmobile/ect. I can't give up because they need me and I love them more than life. I work, with so much pain. Is it scar tissue from the surgery? I am told all the time how lucky I was to survive, not exactly the quality I was hoping for. I did pray to the Lord to take my little girl's pain away, an give it to me. She still has some pain, esp following surgery. Is it possible? I use Zomig, if caught early enough it helps on majority of migraines. Have to fight w/insurance as I reguire 24 tablets 2/per migraine, and normal doseage/script is 6 per month. You could try that. Best of luck and I am sorryif I brought the mood down, I just got carried away. I wish you the best.

Adrian, Community Member
6/29/11 3:49am

Hi, I also had a subachroid anuerism in 09, it was a grae 5 bleed and I lay on life support for 5 weeks,I had 16 weeks in hospital in total and a few months after getting out the migraines started,and to be honest they were worse than what I had suffered during the bleed,after lots of appointments and being told there was nothing which could be done I was sent to a wonderful doctor who presscribed me Nimodipine 60mg which is a calcium blocker,these are used usually for a week or so after the hemhorhage,my headaches have gone!! so do not give up and please keep praying to the lord,but not to give up but to be better,as you will,I can promise that ,as I was at the end of my teather and he helped me.

I will pray for you and hope you get better.


Cindy4hope, Community Member
9/ 8/09 10:53pm

 Hi Sue, I had brain surgery in 2002. I had a Right temporal lobe lobectomy, to remove scar tissue from the right side of my brain which was causing me to have seizures. I dealt with epilepsy for over 25 years of my life before having brain surgery. 

  I have migraines at least 4 times a week, and sometimes daily.  The neurologist have yet found a medication to help me.  Right now I'm waiting to see if my insurance will cover the expense of botox.  Have you tried botox?  this is my last resort so far, I just don't know where to turn now.  none of the over the counter meds work, and right now I'm just taking fiorcett, zanaflex a muscle relaxer and I have to take phenegran for nausea.

 I wish you the best,


maybe we could trade emails and chat more about brain surgery.


wiz57, Community Member
11/17/09 11:06am

Hi Ladies, I have not had brain surgery but have had a MRI that showed scar tissue in my right temple area. I wake everyday with a headache (temple ache) in my right temple. I also have temple headaches 2-3 times daily. My doctor said the reason I wake with the headache is the waking adrenalin (sp?) that happens when the brain is waking up. da this makes no sense to me. First what caused the 'brain scar tissue' and why don't everyone wake with a headache from this 'waking adrenalin'? And why do I get the temple headaches during the day? I am already awake! Thanks, wiz57 

Carroll, Community Member
9/23/10 10:42am

i had brain surgery in 2008 to remove a begine tumor on the left side. 
Since then I have had a constant headache on the top of my head where they drilled to get in.   My neurologist put me on cymbalta , which helped!  I just had to get off it b/c it caused me to go in to a depresssed state.  Before I was taking Lexapro for hypertension/ mood swings.  I was taken off lexapro and put on cymbalta.  Unfortunately, I had to stop cymbalta.  Now i am trying Lyrica. 

took for 3 days.  Made me a nervous reck.  Cant take that now, so back to the drawing board.  Wish i could still take cymbalta.  FYI;  My nuerouogist said that if you take over the counter med. , like advil,  your headaches will get worse.

sandmac, Community Member
6/26/12 7:10pm


always_tRUTHful, Community Member
1/11/14 4:51pm
No, I had surgery in 2010 to remove a brain tumor that was causing seizures, about a year later I started getting hemiplegic migraines which have progressively gotten worse. The first specialist I saw told me to take pain meds and deal with it, I changed doctors and stared taking preventative meds. (This was tricky because I am a minor) He still didn't find the right meds so about a month ago I saw another specialist and I'm trying topamax. Everyone is different, it won't be easy to find what works for you, but it is worth trying. The Best of Luck Ruth Reply
bernadette Saucier, Community Member
9/ 4/13 3:16pm

Yes absolutely... the exact same thing as I;m going through right now. I had 2 open skull brain surgeries in the past yr the first on my left side in November and the second one was in January 2013 on the right side, I had 4 brain aneurysms clipped by one of the best surgeons in the country. I suffer daily with the worst pain on my left side site of the first surgery. I take meds every day and still suffer with the same pain as you describe. My left eye was affected during the surgery....and the pain is endless, I am now searching for an MD that I can see d/t the pain. I also had a stroke during that 1st surgery...but I am at the end of my rope. I have an extremely stressful job, and as the stress builds so does the pain. Somedays I have the same headache that I started the week relief, so I definately feel your pain. Tell me how do you cope...I need help bad but don't know where to turn any advice?  

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