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Monday, January 14, 2013 Pamela Wagner, Community Member, asks

Q: New Migraines

I have all of the blue had five migrianes in five days.  Last I had any was two in the 70s.  They are not just in one place each time but different places on my head.  Can anyone relate to this?


Thanks you.

Pamela Wagner

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
1/23/13 10:47am

Hi, Pamela,


Can you think of anything new  that could be triggering these Migraines? Were all five in different places? That's a bit unusual, if you're talking about specific spots as opposed to changing from one side of your head to the other.


Our Migraine patterns can change over time, BUT since you hadn't had any Migraines for so long, it's important to talk with your doctor about these. There are other conditions that have many of the same symptoms as Migraine, so it's important to be sure there's nothing else going on that needs treatment.


Would you please keep us posted?




Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
1/17/13 1:48pm

Hi Pamela,


Please contact your doctor and tell him/her what you've told us. I'd love to be able to help you, but you really need an accurate diagnosis and the only person who can do that is a doctor who can review your and your family's medical history, discuss your symptoms with you, and conduct a complete examination. Nobody can diagnose via the Internet, it just isn't safe.


Good luck


Barb, Community Member
1/23/13 10:39am

Do you have this answer somewhere so you can just copy it? I'm really disappointed to see this as the only thing you seem to be able to say to so many people. There's usually so much more you could offer people. I've seen you do it before. Frown

Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
1/23/13 1:13pm

Hi Barb,


I'm sorry the answer I gave Pam didn't seem adequate. We answer many, many quesetions on this site and questions that are specific are very helpful. Many times people ask things we are just unable to answer because none of us are medical professionals and cannot give medical advice.


The question - "I have all of the blue had five migrianes in five days."

I'm not sure what Pam  meant by this. Does it mean she's had five Migraines OUT of the blue for five days, or had five Migraines in five days OUT of the blue, or the same Migraine OUT of the blue for five days? See the difference. It helps when folks are specific about questions. In any of those cases, it's time to talk to your doctor. 


"Last I had any was two in the 70s.  They are not just in one place each time but different places on my head.  Can anyone relate to this?"

Certainly, many of can relate to that.  My head pain at times is a pressure band in addition to throbbing, stabbing and pulsing along with the chronic dull ache. Migraine patterns can change over time as does the placement, and again, when we experience new or different symptoms, they need to be discussed with out doctor. Are these new or different symptoms?


I hope you find this answer more to your liking,



Barb, Community Member
1/24/13 12:28pm

Wow, Nancy. Defensive much?


My point was that the canned answer that you wrote was one that I've seen you write countless times over the last several months, but you used to write more than just that. 


And whether this answer was more to my liking isnt' the point at all. Teri couldn't tell Pamela what was going on either, but she took the time to tell her why she needs to see her doctor and be supportive. Put youself in Pamela's place for a sec. An obviously canned answer doesn't make anyone feel like you really care, and it didn't really tell her anything.


No need to reply to me again. I'm just asking that you think about this from the questioner's perspective and see that short canned answers aren't enough by themselves.



Pamela Wagner, Community Member
1/24/13 12:56pm

Thanks for caring Barb.  And you are so right!

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