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Sunday, November 16, 2008 Mark, Community Member, asks

Q: symptoms include: stabbing headache, numbness, loss of speech/understanding, aura

I am a male who suffers from migraines.  I am 35 and suffered since I was approx. 18.  Symptoms of the migraine coming on usually include numbness in my right hand and a feeling of non-clarity usually with eye sight (darkening, spots) and a feeling of almost out-of-body--not being connected.  That's when I take the 10 mg of Toradol.  Honestly, I don't know if it works. 

I am on another perscription of propranolol, which I recently discovered can be used for migraines although I was taking it for anxiety. 

When the migraine comes on, it usually comes on quickly--within a half hour or so.  It gets scary.  Along with the stabbing headache behind the eyes, I suffer from stroke-like symptoms including not being able to form sentences and having trouble understanding what people are talking about.  I can't figure out simple tasks like trying to email someone or even to call someone for help.  I KNOW what I want to do, but I can't do it.  It has nothing to do with the physical aspect, however, it's a brain connection that is affected.  I can barely even speak.  I can't remember names or birthdays, etc.  Sometimes I have vomiting. 

Last time this happened my family took me to the hospital and I had a gammut of tests run including the MRI, spinal tap, CT scan, etc.  They ruled out all the nasty things such as stroke, spinal menengitis, tumour, and others.  And said, yes, it's migraines. 

While I'm happy I didn't suffer from a stroke, I am no farther ahead with the severity of these migraines.  The neurologist I saw in the hospital suggested I double up my propranolol dose from 80 mg to 160 (12 hr apart) and continue taking the Toradol when I felt something coming on.  My family doctor prescribed 120 mg thinking I may tire on the 160. 

For the last couple of weeks I've been taking the 120 mg, but am still having "episodes" where I feel funny--the vision thing especially and the out-of-body feeling of the migraine coming on.  I've had to leave work, etc, but I have not had another full-on migraine.   I do not see the neurologist until December 19, so I am only trying to survive on the info. I was told in the hospital and by my family doctor. 

This is getting long, so I'll ask my questions: 

  • what medications do you suggest for the symptoms and migraines I've described?  what kind of migraine do you think this can be classified as?
  • Is it wise to take 160 mg of the propranolol as a preventative? 
  • Are there other preventative drugs to take? 
  • The loss of speech and understanding is scary as hell.  This time I didn't feel like I was going to come back from it, though I was told I always will.  Is this true??
  • Also, since I got out of the hospital a couple of weeks ago, my circulation has been off (right hand mostly); it feels like the blood-flow isn't the same as before.  It feels weird.  Any suggestions?

Please help!  I am so sick of worrying everyday whether "it is happening again..."


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Arly, Community Member
11/23/08 11:27pm

I have the same symptoms.  It can be very depressing.  Sometimes I do not have the neuro symptoms of speech and confusion.  This evening I had a Migraine with scotoma and no headache.  However I was finding difficulty searching for words and decided to lay down until this passed and not even try to think. 

I hear you about work.  I live in fear that these occur in work.  I am an RN who works on the corporate side.  I find it difficult when I am in front of a customer when this occurs.  I do have an appointment to meed with my cardiologist in the next week or so to make there is no connection between the migraine and cardiac.  

I will say that I am very frightened and need to get some resolution to all of this.  It is really tough to deal with this.



Cindi, Community Member
11/17/08 5:55pm

My 37 year old husband is having the exact same symptoms.  Previously, he had full-blown migraines maybe once or twice a year, but in the past few months, he has started having them 3-5 times/week.  He started seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist, which has helped with the severity, but he's still having them several times per week, sometimes twice in one day.  He has been taking OTC Excedrin Migraine, but he's afraid of the side effects of popping so many pills.  He has a Dr's appointment this week, so I'm curious what drugs they might prescribe and what the side effects of those drugs would be.  We've tried to go the natural route, which has helped to some degree, but it's not working fast enough.  Are there drugs to prevent the slurred speech and numbness?  It's very scary when this happens, and my husband is worried that people at work might think he's drinking on the job, when it's just a very bad migraine.

Emmalee, Community Member
3/25/13 6:48pm

Is it normal to haven umbness in only part of my face and body? i cant talk right and i get blindi n part ofm y vision and its really hard to concentraate. i just got one of these hedacches and i normally have perfecet handwritting and spelling, and i cant type and anything. it usually ends witha headcache for liek 10 hours and it sucsk. but IS THIS NORMAL??1

Teri Robert, Health Guide
3/25/13 11:25pm

Hi, Emmalee,


This is normal for some people, but only your doctor is going to be able to tell if it's "normal" for you. One of the problems with Migraine is that some of the symptoms can also be symptoms of stroke and other health issues.


Please see your doctor and discuss these symptoms with him?


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Arly, Community Member
11/23/08 11:26pm

I have the same symptoms.  It can be very depression.  Sometimes I do not have the neuro symptoms of speech and confusion.  This evening I had a Migraine with scotoma and no headache.  However I was finding difficulty searching for words and decided to lay down until this passed and not even try to think. 

I hear you about work.  I live in fear that these occur in work.  I am an RN who works on the corporate side.  I find it difficult when I am in front of a customer when this occurs.  I do have an appointment to meed with my cardiologist in the next week or so to make there is no connection between the migraine and cardiac.  

I will say that I am very frightened and need to get some resolution to all of this.  It is really tough to deal with this.



sam, Community Member
1/ 8/09 10:08pm

Dear Mark,

I am currently 38 years old and have suffered from migraines from around the time I was 13.  I saw a doctor who did not classify my migraines, but did diagnose me with migraines.  I suffer from the same symptoms.  I have an aura, numbness in my hands, arms and sometimes legs, usually on one side, slurred speech, I am unable to form sentences although I know what I want to say, but cant.   I cant see well and cant read anything due to spots or squiggly lines in my vision.  It is very frustrating at times.  When I get the aura, I usually pop 1 or 2 midrin (epidrin) which was prescribed to me.  If I take the pill within about 15 minutes of the aura it usually lasts for just a short time.  I have done some research online and believe this type of migraine may be called a basilar type migraine (BTM) formerly referred to as a Basilar artery migraine (BAM).  Hope this helps

Debn172, Community Member
1/23/09 11:39pm

Mark- sorry to hear what you are going through but I also wanted to let you know that I understand.  Have been going through the same symptoms for over 6 years. Finally found a neuro who figured out about the migraines. Still have some testing to go through. Just hope all goes well. Hang in there

Jo, Community Member
3/11/09 5:15pm

As I write this my brother is in an ambulance on his way to hospital with a suspected stroke. His symptoms are very similar to those I have experienced.  I had my first 'attack' when pregnant when I was 30 (no previous migraines...ever!) I had numbness in my arm, leg and face on my right side.  I was watching TV at the time and couldn't remember the names of normally very familiar characters.  I also had visual disturbances  but most of all a terrible sense of panic and not being able to express myself to those around me. It lasted about 20 mins.  The next time I had an attack was 5 years later (again pregnant) this time I was rushed to hospital by the midwife and had tests for a TIA -all clear.  I have had three further occurrances and have to say I have been ridiculed by medical staff at A and E for bothering them with a migraine.  To me they were all very frightening episodes as the symptoms are very similar to stroke.  What worries me is I never had migraines before and get these attacks so rarely (5 times in 11 years).  Friends who do suffer migraines get them every month or so and get used to them.  My attacks freak me out every time.  I pray my brothers stroke tests prove negative and that he is having a migraine even though they themselves are terrifying.

aja, Community Member
12/21/09 11:44am

i must say that i never new what was happening to me until i read about other experiences from other people. i thought i was having a stroke, when these spells would come on me. they would start when numbness in my hand or vision problems and i've had 10 in the last 20 years. i would be in tears because i had no idea what was happening to me. i went to the hospital and had a cat scan and everything was fine. although they are scary i feel a little better knowing they might be migraines

AnnaLynn, Community Member
4/26/09 3:10pm

A friend of mine has this same thing.. It seems like something so much more serious than to just say oh it's a migraine take these pills. It is very scary when she has them, I can barely understand her, she is in so much pain and she says one side of her body goes numb. Also her vision gets messed up, blurry and dark spots..

If anyone has suffered from this and is given a different answer let me know.. It just seems like someone should have a better answer to this.

Melanie, Community Member
1/10/10 1:14pm

Here I am in tears... My 13 yr old son has been having these same symtoms with 2 episodes in the last month. (I am so worried for him)... I am not one to put him on medication.. and am affraid when he goes to the Dr's tomorrow afternoon the Dr will do so? I am looking for some insite as to weather you all think the medication is the key to keeping these episodes at bay or if the medication helps at all? Please keep in mind he has not yet been diagnosed but im pretty sure this is what he has?

thanks for your help, *Melanie*

Tiffany, Community Member
6/14/09 11:08pm

Ive been suffering from similar migraines since I was about 11. They stopped after I was about 17 then once I got pregnant this past year I got them really bad again like I used to when I first started getting them.  My midwife said that its possible the hormones of pregnancy agrivate the migraines.  I havent had another one since I had my daughter which has been only 4 months now. I also get the numbness in my face and arm/hand, the blurred vision, and the scariest symptom in my oppinion is that I dont have the ability to say anything that im thinking.  I remember being in elementary school and thinking it was so strange that I forgot how to write letters of the alphabet or say the names of shapes even!  When I went into the hospital with my migraine symptoms while I was pregnant my midwife put me on IV regalan which stopped my migaines after only about 20 minutes of getting the IV. I was shocked since I had taken plenty of other meds that didnt seem to do anything for me.  She said shes not sure why it helps so much seeing that it is made for nausea but see what your doctors say about it for you. Maybe it could help.

sammy-antha, Community Member
4/10/10 6:08am

My daughter whom is nearly 12yrs old had a similar bout of this for the first time a week ago. She complained of a stabbing headache behind the eyes and was crying. I told her to go and have a lie down while I got her some tablets.


By the time I got back she was very frightened, crying uncontrollably and she couldn't speak properly. I tied to give her the tablets but she couldn't swallow them as the drink was running out of her mouth back into the glass. I was shouting at her because I didn't know what she was doing, she started laughing then crying! I told her to try and rest and have a little sleep. I left the room really worried I have never witnessed anything so scary, she looked like a stroke victim!! I told myself not to panic and wait and see what she was like when she awoke. Thank goodness she was fine.


She described it as scary, very painful, felt "high", couldn't lift her right arm, couldn't talk properly, felt like a baby. I haven't gone to the doctor yet as I have been a bit scared that's why I've come on here first. I've been thinking brain tumours, cancer even epilepsy!!! I'll definitely be going to the doctors now to get this looked into.   

Noelle, Community Member
4/15/12 1:33pm

I have the same as you and the others. What I have learned are the GUT and BRAIN-head etc... are one. If your stomach is off this will happen, wether it be from foods you are eating or if you'll notice alot of you speak to certain times pregnancy etc...Hormones- i have hypothyroid..  Get checked! Men and women, and see what you eat, does it go hand in hand with these migrains? i never knew I had food allergies/intolerances until recently if I eat that food or too much of it a migrain like this comes on....I hope this helps! it is so scary as i have bad panick attacks too-God bless!

casbah05, Community Member
6/17/09 9:21am

I've had migraines for approx 9 years now. Luckily (or not, depends how you see it) I have a family member who has migraines so was able to advise me on how best to deal with them. Does any direct realtive have them as they do tend to run in families? The main thing to do is work out what your 'triggers' are. There are some main ones like lack of sleep and stress but even some foods can start them off. Food wise, the main food triggers are cheese, chocolate, eggs and milk but something else entirely could be your trigger. I would suggest you keep a migeraine diary. Write down everything that you've eaten and whether you've had a stressful day/sleepless night. Mark the days you have a migraine in a different colour and after a month or so you should be able to work out if there is anything that seems to be linked. Although sometimes they will still strike when you least expect it, this way can help you have a lot less. I went from having 2 or 3 a month to 1 or 2 a year just by working out what set them off.

I have very similar symptoms to yours but thankfully have a wonderful husband who has also quickly learnt when I need to take 2 paramax tablets (prescription only in England), usually beforeI've even realised myself, to start sorting out the problem. I also lose the ability to speak and see clearly as well as numbness in my hands, arms and sometimes my face. The best way to deal with a migraine is to shut yourself in a pitch dark room and sleep it off.

Sally, Community Member
6/24/09 6:56pm


I am a migraine sufferer too.  I am 29 years old and have been suffering from them since i was a young girl..can't remember what age it started however it was very early on.  Yesterday I got one and it started with my speech.... I have never had this sympton before so I was very scared I was having a mild stroke.... however after 10 mins the usual symptoms started such as my vision (zig zags) aura, headache and nausea...

It's worrying and I want to go to the doctor but all he ever does is says they dont know yet what they are or how they are caused and gives me a prescription for pain killers.....

So have absolutely no idea what to do or how to find out how these can be prevented.... apart from dosing up on pain killers and going to bed... id love to know if there is something we can fix in my brain so it wont come back...

So fingers crossed one day they will know....



Yelena P, Community Member
7/10/09 1:51am

wow it amazing that so far no one has found out whats the cure for this.  I have exactly what everyone else has.. Its starts with a blurry vision and spots and it gets to a point where I cant see half of someones face. Then my left arm and mouth and tough gets numb and shortly after that I get a strong headache. When I have this I cant concentrate and just horrible. I don't know why this is going on I would consider myself very healthy, I'm all about organic foods and veggies. I hope maybe someone could tell me whats going on.  It seems that Doctors now a days all they know is how to give you a pill but that doesn't take the problem away.  Is there a cure for this?

pepper012, Community Member
7/21/09 7:39pm



i'm feeling the same way.  I don't have insurance...but i have been having migraines siead and I tried using my right had to work my blackberry...and i felt like my hand was not working...i keep trying, but i am still slurring my words and I have a funny feeling in my right hand.  I still am having a hard time using my right hand.  I'm not sure what to do.  Is this just a migraine thing, or does this mean something else.  i have been dealing with this for 5 days and this is not cool.. I used to be a chef, and i could handle hot food on my left hand so easily.  now, not just hot food but holding things in my right hand is feels like a shock...and i feel very itchy...does anyone feel this on the oppposite side of where the migraine was happening?  any help you can provide would be had taken me 30 minutes to type this.



nce i was a kid.  I'm 32 now, but last thursday i had a migraine that started small, and i couldn't use my right had at all.  The pain was in my right left side in teh back of my h

kris, Community Member
8/ 5/09 7:08pm

I feel for the OP & everyone who has posted! I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was FOUR YEARS OLD - over 40 years now! When I was a school-age child they were frequent - usually weekly, and severe with vomiting & everything. Back in the 70's they didnt know much about migraines - I was usually given baby aspirin (which I usually couldnt keep down anyway) & it didnt work. I would have to lie down in a dark room & my headaches usually lasted for 24 hours or so. I suffered alot, and missed out on alot! My mother was clueless. As I grew older I started discovering certain foods that would trigger my migraines - the typical chocolate, MSG etc. Be careful; because MSG is in SO many foods, it doesnt have to be listed as MSG - it can say "Sodium Caseinate" or even "Natural flavors" & contain MSG.

Some of my migraines start with auras but not all.  I take imitrex - 1/2 of a 50mg tablet - and it works most of the time. Usually my migraines are hormone based & 2x monthly at this point in my life.

A few times in mylife I have had the loss of speech problem - it happened tonight & like Mark said, it is scary as hell!  This time it lasted a long time - probably 20 minutes but it seemed longer - and came AFTER the aura had gone away. I also tried to read online & I couldnt comprehend any of the words....I have a four year old daughter and I NEED to be here for her. This is crazy. Luckily my son (age 19) was here to help me with her when this happened since my husband was at work.

I am in search of a good neurologist now, in the CT area...


Also just wanted to mention - when I was in my early 30's, I was diagnosed with a minor heart defect called "Patent foramen ovale". I had gone for 32 years without even knowing I had this! Then at a regular physical my Dr heard a murmer & sent me for tests....this defect supposed;y doesnt affect much, I need to premedicate with an antibiotic before dental appts, and may be at greater risk for stroke when I am older. (But shouldnt be NOW!) The reason I mention here is because as I was researching this I came across info on a connection between patent foramen ovale and MIGRAINES. Seems that when people have the surgery to repair this heart defect (a risky surgery, they dont do it unless you have had a a stroke etc)...suddenly for the first time in their lives they are migraine free! May be something for you to check out.


Good luck to all!!

davel80, Community Member
8/ 7/09 6:20am

I've had similar problems too, although I haven't yet been diagnosed with migraine - I'm actually hoping it's that and not something more serious.


I'm 28 and have never suffered from migraines before - but a few weeks ago my right hand and arm went numb for a good 5 minutes or so and then I found I couldn't talk. Like some of the other posts here have described, I knew what I wanted to say - but couldn't actually say it... managing only one word at a time, which was slurred. I thought I was having a stroke! Later the auro went away and I was left with the worst headache I've ever had, felt like I'd be hit with a baseball bat.


Since then, I've had no repeat of this - but I have feelings of numbness and tingling in my face and arm and occasionally in my left leg. But the past few days my face and arm have felt numb ALL THE TIME! I can't figure out if this is linked to that migraine a few weeks ago. I've had no headache and hard to figure out what's happening. I'm seeing a neurologist in a couple weeks, but these symptoms are driving me crazy and I'm fearing the worst.


Has anyone else suffered from CONSTANT numbness in the face/arm but with no headache?



Mark, Community Member
8/ 7/09 5:42pm

hi David,

no, my symptoms have never included a constant numbing...just when the migraine is coming on.  Keep us posted once you see the neurologist and make sure to have a gamut of tests run until you get an answer.  Good luck to you, buddy!


yellowjeans, Community Member
8/26/09 7:58pm

I'm 24 and I've been suffering with migraines for 5 years.  My migraines started out with just pain usually on one side of my head/face and photophobia.  They became more frequent over the years and I thought I found a connection between migraines and environmental allergies.  Imitrex didnt work for me and I switched from a low-dose anti anxiety drug to Topamax in December.  Topamax significantly reduced the amount of migraines I experienced. However, I was rear-ended in a car accident in April of this year and after the car accident I started to experience tingling and numbess in my arms and legs and face.  I also experienced loss of sensation and sometimes and itchy feeling or the feeling of pressure (as if I could feel my veins exploding in my arm).  I didnt know if it was from the accident (I had been diagnosed with whiplash and a heirniated disc between C4 and C5 in my neck) or if it was from migraines.  Finally, a physical therapist pointed out that my symptoms might have been drug related.  I went down to taking Topamax once a day in a self experiment while my neurologist was out of the country, and the severity and intensity of the tingling/numbness and also at this point confused state and visual aura decreased.  I went online and looked at all the side effects of the drug and read a rare one that could be brought out by trauma and thought it could be this so I stopped taking Topamax.  This week I had a migraine that lasted 2 days and now less than 24 hours later i had another migraine.  Only the migraine today didnt have pain.  It was just nausea that came on within 10 minutes until I got sick and then a very short time later there was the numbness and feeling of pressure, loss of sensation on my right side of face and jaw and right arm and hand.  After reading this website I'm more convinced my symptoms were related to migraines than the car accident.  Although I dont know if the accident jostled something like the basilar kind ?? Or... it could be lasting affects from the side affect of Topamax.  I like most people on this site are scared.  My appointments with neurologist arent until 2 weeks from now.  I dont know how I'm going to function in my job... how I'm going to keep a job... what this means for me in the future... I do home-based therapy right now.  :(

Susan, Community Member
9/20/09 10:35pm

Dear David,


I get some blurred vision, the other day I felt I was having trouble pronoucing my words and NO I did not have a headache either. Sometimes I just feel this strain behind my left eye. I did actually get the "regular"migraINES as well with the headache pain. I received a drug called "Clonazepam" which does seem to work for me.


Ask your PCP about it. I dont take large amounts only about 1 mg. My PCP said with that low dosage you wont be addicted to it.


God bless and I hope this helped.

Caroline, Community Member
10/21/09 10:14am

I am glad you wrote! I experienced sudden numbness on the left side of my face yesterday afternoon. I've had migraines for 16 years but I've never had or even heard of numbness. I thought I was going paralyzed or something as it felt my left cheek was drooping down when I smiled, as if I couldn't control the muscle. However, when I looked in the mirror it looked completely normal. I called my husband home and he took me to the ER. While we were in the waiting room my lower left arm/hand and my left leg began tingling in a numbing way, as if the circulation was cut off. As my face no longer felt weird I did not think it was numb any more. However, when I got a drink of water the left side of my mouth could not feel the water temp. My CT scan was normal. The doctor said it was either migraine related or TIA (mini stroke). However, he didn't think the mini stroke scenario was very likely for me because I'm fairly healthy and I'm only 23 years old. I went to bed early last night after I got home from the ER, and this morning I got up (It's been about 18 hours since the numbing episode) and I feel alright. But again, I get a drink of water and I'm still numb b/c the left cheek in my mouth doesn't recognize the cold temp. of the water. I did not have a headache before the episode and I haven't had one yet. I do have tight muscles in my neck like I sometimes get before a Migraine, so fearing one I took two tylenol this morning. Has any one else had numbness previous to or without a headache that lasted 18 hours?? I just feel like maybe it should be gone by now...

Susan, Community Member
9/20/09 10:29pm

Dear Mark,


I had this happen to me back in December 2008. It is very scary...I had the stroke like and heart attack symptoms...sick, vertigo...was rushed to the hospital. they did a ton of tests. Afterwards I suffered for a few weeks with slurred speech, numbness on the right side, confusion. The slurred speech and numbness did go away after a few weeks. It finally went away because out of all the doctors that I went to, my wonderful PCP finally decided to prescribe a drug called "Clonazepam". It is like a nerve relaxer, it is supposed to be used for people who have seizures (not saying this is what we have). I have found it does work. They said what I had was an "Occular" migraine. I think they call it something different with the slurred speech, numbness now. I dont even have headache pain. I get a weird feeling behind my left eye, then boom...vertigo...sickness...  Like you, Id rather have a little headache pain then these types of Migraines with the slurred speech, blacking out, numbness, vertigo. I also stay away from anything that would bring my migraines on. Eye strain, missing meals that would bring your blood pressure low, eating things that are not suggested for Migraine nuts, anything with MSG (aspartame is supposed to be a form of MSG), chocolate (the dark -- I dont think this bugs me but may bother you), coffee, wine (red), aged cheeses, some citrus fruits, bananas, etc...

I didnt get a chance to read what the others wrote I just saw your post. HOpe this works for you. If not, I pray that we all, with Gods help will overcome these. He doesnt want us to suffer with these. God bless 

Iggy, Community Member
1/20/10 10:19pm

My mother had migraines as a teenager and alot of times didn't have the headache. I have been told by my doctor that my body retains chemicals and I do have alot of problems with medications...allergic reactions, over dose symptoms at times etc. I cannot handle alot of caffeine so taking Exedrin and other OTC meds make me sick and shakey due to the high levels of caffeine. With my migraines the first time I took Exedrin (recommended 2 tabs) it made me so sick (sick to my stomach, shakey, horrible all over) I thought I was going to die. After it wore off I still felt shakey and sick but my headache was gone. I finally figured out my own cocktail (I call it) and it seems to work for me most of the time. I take a 1/2 tab of Exedrin and chase it with some Diet Coke...I know that probably sounds weird and a low dose but it does work most of the time (others might have to experiment and adjust the amount)... it must be just the right amount of caffeine and then if I'm not working I go to bed. Also, fragrances, car exhaust and other chemicals can bring on migraines too, not just food.

Taliena, Community Member
1/10/10 10:57pm

ok so i am going thru one right now. i have been having migraines since i was about 4 years old. these neurological type started in highschool at 17 though. they are the scariest. I used to only get them yearly and then went a couple of years without one. right now i am on number 5 in three weeks time. 9 in the past six months. i have learned that once i see that first spot in my vision i need to take 2-3 excedrin, and wait it out. I learned that they will pass in about 30 minutes. first my vision goes from a small blind spot to full out blur. As i said i am going thru one right now and as i type this i am happy that i can do so without even trying to read haha. but my right hand is going numb and pretty soon won't be able to type so i will be fast. anyways. once the numbness starts i know that i have about ten more minutes until its really bad and about 20 until i can't really communicate my thoughts. i rarely have any pain with them, but i think that is because of the excedrin i take immediately. sometimes though i still get the old fashioned migraines with the pain and nausea. yuck. but once the speech fails, i lay down for a short time and it generally wears off. luckily i have only had this once at work and someone took me home.

what i used to do was have lots of pain because i didn't know to take the excedrin. prescriptions just don't work for me. when i used to get these migraines it was a trip to the er and a shot of heavy medications, a ride home and my pillow. many extensive tests have found nothing more than expensive medical bills for myself but hopefully someone out there will find the answer someday. i have suffered all of my life with migraines and was looking on here once again for answers. still nothing. time to go lie down now.

Tami, Community Member
3/12/10 9:26pm

Hi, my husband has suffered from these types of headaches for years. he is now 49 and has had them since he was 17.A year ago we had read that magnesium is known to help in migraines. He takes 500 milligrams a day and has only had 2 this last year.Do some reading up on it and I hope it helps.Oh my son who is just 13 has just had his first one this week with the exact same symptoms.

laddyann1, Community Member
5/17/10 9:25pm

Wow! I did not know so many people had the same symptoms as I do. I am a sophmore in high school now, and I have had the EXACT same symptoms since 6th grade. I have kind of noticed a pattern, though. It seems to me that everytime I am in stressful situations, migraines usually come along. I can't really control them, but if I stay as stress-free as I can, it reduces the migraines I have. I really wish there was a medicine that could totally prevent these things, cause we all know that they are HORRIBLE.

Mark, Community Member
5/17/10 11:06pm

hello all,

well, i started this post a couple of years ago, and i want to thank everyone who has answered.  while i have continued to have these symptoms, they have not landed me in the hospital again--knocking on wood!! 

i'm trying to think of what i've changed over the last couple of years...not much...

a friend of mine did give me a himalayan salt lamp which is supposed to purify the air, help with headaches, help you sleep, etc. etc.  whether you believe in it or not, and i don't know that i do, i keep this lamp on all the time.  honestly, i haven't had many migraines at all!  what does it hurt to try it, right??  the other couple of things are that i switched to green tea from coffee, and every night before i go to bed i take a magnesium/calcium vitamin.  i heard that magnesium aids in sleeping and i began taking it for that reason; however, i see someone else in this post has mentioned magnesium as a migraine preventative as well.  again, worth a try!

i still battle fluorescence in my office every day and know that somehow they are a trigger; while they don't always trigger the migraine, they do strain me all day long.  that said, i can't change everything. 

change what you can and try new things and hopefully something will work.

thanks again to everyone who has posted since i did.  i really was at the "straw that broke the camel's back stage."  this is what the site is for and it's such a relief to know that so many others suffer the same symptoms as i do--i'm sorry for it, but at least i'm not alone!!

keep up posts and stories and remedies and the advice! 



Lynne, Community Member
7/26/10 2:28pm

I myself have these migraine "auras".  I just had one the other night and my mouth, tongue and hand went numb and i was seeing spots.  Usually its a whole side of my body and i stutter as well.  I too have had MRI's and CAT scans but got told by the neurologist that it is normal and since i don't get them that often not to worry.  Easy for him to say it scares me every time even though i know what it is.  Can anyone else tell me if they get the headache on the opposite side of the numbness?  that is what happens for me.  Weird thing is i was the most relaxed i have been in a long time and it came on all of a sudden and i haven't had on in months.  I just don't get it.  Good luck to everyone who has posted and it is kind of a relief to know that you aren't alone. 

JamieShawcross, Community Member
11/ 3/10 6:59am

the left side of the brain controls the right hand side of your body and your speech, and the right hand side controls the left.


This explains why the headache seems to be on the opposite side!


Please dont worry about your episodes, I am the same and whilst they are extremely unpleasant, it is simply a rare hemiplegic migraine or so i am told.



Teri Robert, Health Guide
11/ 3/10 12:06pm





I appreciate your posting and your good intentions. Still, none of us can say that what someone else is experiencing is a hemiplegic Migraine or a Migraine of any kind. Only a doctor who examines them in person can do that. These symptoms are also indicative of stroke, so it's very important that people get them checked out. This is one time when not worrying enough to get checked out could be harmful.


Welcome again!


JamieShawcross, Community Member
11/ 4/10 1:14pm

Ok maybe I shouldn't have sounded so definite with my findings, but I would like to think with these symptoms, that people are seeing the GP or ER before discussing at great length on a forum. I assumed most would have already been to the doctor but hey, anyone with these symptoms do get them checked out just incase.


I think people should be wary as opposed to worry as worry only makes any situation worse and makes you think irrationally and work yourself up. Be aware of the risks and symptoms, but do not worry. I had 4 days without sleep thinking I had a blood clot in my brain. Nip down to the GP and get it sorted, and im sure it won't be anything too serious. But again, I aint no expert so Teri is spot on. GP only a call away. Peace to all



JamieShawcross, Community Member
11/ 3/10 6:56am



I am 25 years old, male, and I am also a migraine sufferer, and 2 weeks ago had a nasty bump to the head which I thought brought on these symptoms. I was driving, and suddenly my right side (face, mouth, hands, legs) went completely numb and I couldnt seem to string a sentence together. I genuinely thought I was having a stroke. An intense headache followed and i was bed bound for near 48 hours. I went to the hospital where I was told I had experienced a rare form of migraine that is genetic, called a 'hemiplegic' migraine.


Look this up, it may stop you worrying about the symptoms although there isnt much that can be done about them. We are simply suffering from a rare strain of migraine and i dont think it is anything to worry about.


All the symptoms described here, and those I experienced match exactly the symptoms of a hemiplegic episode.


I hope this helps



Dylan, Community Member
10/21/10 11:35pm

I figured I’d post here to help others who may be looking for help. My mom (roughly 50 years old) has always suffered from migraines but last year all of the sudden her migraines turned stroke like. They would begin with numbness on her right side; soon she would be completely disabled. She could not form sentences, she could remember very little (she would dig through her purse looking for things for as long as you’d let her but when she would she what she was looking for she would not recognize it as what she was looking for). She would get stabbing headaches and classic migraine sparkles and visuals. Basically it sounds like she had the exact same symptoms as many of you.



She was taking a Statin drug for high cholesterol. In my desperate attempt to help my mother I began researching and I happened to find out about something called a Hemiplegic Migraine ( These sounded very similar to what she had. So we talked with her doctor and surprisingly she agreed that indeed this could be what she was suffering from. Unfortunately all she offered was a powerful migraine medicine as treatment. This was unsatisfactory for me so I kept researching and stumbled on some things talking about side effect from these Statin cholesterol lower medications. Although very few people described migraine like symptoms they did describe many of the stroke like symptoms and numbness.


I asked my mom to talk to her doctor about my findings and theory that maybe this could be a side effect of her cholesterol medication. Low a behold her doctor said that she had encountered another patient who had suffered something similar to what was happening to my mother and it WAS related to Statin cholesterol medication. However the doctor advised my mom to think very carefully and toughly about stopping her cholesterol medication, which in my opinion seems a bit strange since should could always just start again if it didn’t help her.


WELL HERE IS THE DEAL. SHE HAS NOW BEEN MIGRAINE FREE FOR OVER 2 YEARS!!!!! She stopped taking the medication and had another episode about a week later, which was quite discouraging, but was still a vast improvement. This episode was not nearly as extreme as some of the others and she was having about 2 a week before stopping the Statin cholesterol medication. SINCE THAT LAST EPISODE SHE HAS NOT HAD ANY MIGRANES WHATSOEVER!


I want to put a huge disclaimer on this post: DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, stop taking medication without consulting your doctor. 

carlajayne23, Community Member
11/ 4/10 11:12pm

hi mark i know you asked this question along time ago so im hoping you still come on this sight. i have the exact same problem. iv had about 5 episodes although i dont get the terrible headaches anymore. i am 20 now but it started when i was about 17-18, it usualy starts with my right eye becoming blurry then continues to numbness of my right arm and leg, then continues to me not being able to form sentences, not being able to read, not being able write or write text messages. i know exactly what i want to say but it comes out as compleat random words, even words that im not thinking about. such as, when i was having one, i was trying to explain to my sister and all i could say was the word 'ben'. it gets realy frustrating and i usualy end up in tears. it goes after no more than 45 minutes and my shortest one lasted only 10 minutes.

i have been to my doctor who forwarded me to the hospital. i have had heart scans, blood taken and brain scans but they couldn't diagnois me or give me any medicines or tablets.. and so pretty much just shrugged me off. so now im on a mission to find out what it is thats happening. and your the only other person i have came across that has had very similar episodes.



Mark, Community Member
11/17/10 12:05am

Hi Carla,

yes, I am still on this site and am always excited when I see a post to this question/episode come up in my inbox.  Please see my response to so many letters by scrolling up.  Get yourself the Himalayan Salt Lamp.  Honestly, I think it changed my life.  But really?  I don't know.  It's on all night while I sleep and I'm going to get another soon for the living room.  If it works...great...if it doesn''s worth the 30 bucks to find that out...for me, it is the only thing I can think of in my life since I was in the hospital that has changed.  That and I bought a magnetic necklace.  Who knows??  Try the magnesium?  Really, I haven't had a bad episode since March 17 of last year--St. Paddy's Day.  (I remember that day well because I was supposed to go for a green beer with a buddy and ended up calling him for a ride home from work!)

I wish you hope and health and success.  Let me know if these kooky ideas work for you.  You just never know...

Take care of yourself,


Mark, Community Member
11/17/10 12:06am

p.s. If I can be a sounding board to you or help out more in any way, feel free to continue your message.  We're all in this together...


lulu3jones, Community Member
1/13/11 6:42pm

hi my names louise i have the exact same symptoms as u with the migraines! its so scary. I always know when im gonna get em coz my hands go numb then my vision goes blurry, then speech is affected coz my tongue goes numb and my head goes all over the place and i cant think how to do a simple task eg make a cup of tea! the sugar was right in front of me and spoon in my hand but it took me about 20mins to figure out how to get the sugar into my cup. It happened to me once when i was driving home and i was terrified. i knew i was about 15 mins from my house yet my hands were going numb so i knew i only had 30 mins max b4 the full blown migraine took place. Luckily i got home in one piece but i felt like i was driving blind!

There were times when i couldnt even tell my partner what was wrong with me as the words just wouldnt come out!


I find that i can now prevent the full blown attack by taking pills when my hands start to go numb and if ive taken them quick enough it can make the pains in the head more mild, however i doesnt help with the blurred vision or numbness. for me it usually lasts 24hrs and there is nothing i can do but try to sleep it off. I found your post after trying to research it as its starting to worry me. but so far ive found nothing, Id like to know why im getting them and how to prevent them coz I cant handle it anymore. ive been getting at least 1 every 3 weeks or so for the last 9 years and my dr is an idiot and hasnt a clue. if you know more about this than me then please let me know how i can prevent it.  many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and good luck I hope your not still suffering!


Moderator's Note: For your security and privacy, please do not post personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

lulu3jones, Community Member
1/13/11 7:13pm

hi louise here again ive been reading over some of the posts people have left ( not all) but basicly we cant eat anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dr told me b4 coffee tea n chocolate cause headaches and migraines but people on here say nuts, milk, cheese, fruit and much more so what the hell can we eat. I give up. Lots of people also talk about going to see specialists but never get back to us to say how they got on or if there was a reason for the migraines.

I mean i dont wanna scare people but this isnt normal, there has got to be a reason why we get em.

I honestly dont think i can handle it anymore, im afraid im gonna O D on pills by mistake one day when the pain doesnt stop. I mean ive had 3 kids and id rather go through labour and birth with no pain relief than have one of my migraines its horrible!

loki85, Community Member
5/29/11 4:24am

Hi Louise, Have you thought about the possibility of there being a genetic disposition to having migraines? My mother and grandmother both got migraines, but something to look at is that upon menopause their migraines have lessened to one every 1-2 years unless stressed. I have had them all my life but at age 26 i am only now getting aura, numbness, and debilitation to my speech and being able to really hold things.

Diana, Community Member
2/ 2/11 6:14pm

It's always good to know you're not the only one who suffers from this malady. I'm home from work today because I started with an episode yesterday. Sometimes there is just one. This time it has been more than 24 hours and I've had at least 20. They are short-lived. Usually 5-10 minutes each. This time no scitillating scotoma, though. These were, as another poster put it, "disgusting". I feel a wave starting in my head, one side of my body or the other usually will go numb, waves of nausea, I can't think, it's like I'm in a walking dream with so many strange thoughts and images going through my mind, I can't remember how to do the simplest tasks, and I have so many BMs that I have to use Preparation H for my poor bum. If I have this at night I can go to bed and be asleep yet awake, not able to move. I do think mine are hormonal and I'm hoping that once I'm through "the change" these will cease. The first scotoma was when I was about 35. These really strange symptoms didn't come on until about 10 years ago. I generally pop two baby aspirin and sometimes that will cut the length of time I have symptoms and sometimes even prevent more from occurring that day. Hmmmm, a salt lamp? I'm game. :-)

Mark, Community Member
2/ 3/11 10:50pm


I have mine on all the time in my bedroom.  Put it into a corner and forget about it.  Yes, it throws some light but if it actually helps then who cares?  I honestly haven't had a migraine in months and months (knock on wood} and I'm the one who started this post with all those terrible symptoms.  Try it out and let me know if it helps at all...

All the health food stores sell them and the small size is 35 bucks or so.

Keep me posted...


rebecca, Community Member
11/ 7/11 10:19pm

Hi Mark , What is the Himalyan salt lamp? ive read your post i have the same symptoms and experiences/ feelings that youve had.. HELP! rebecca

rebecca, Community Member
11/ 7/11 10:22pm

just googled it!  going to check into it, thanksKiss

smm97, Community Member
2/10/11 11:09am

I have suffered the same symptoms since I was about 13 - I have discovered that the symptoms usually result from lack of sleep and too much caffeine. Sometimes though I really can't predict it. I am on 200 mg of Topomax each day (2 pills at night 2 pills in the morning) although I am not sure if this helps. I take Sumatrapin at the onset of attack and this has definitely helped. As soon as I get the blurry vision I take one pill and lie down in a dark room and drink a lot of water. Then about an hour later I will have another pill and just try to sleep for as long as possible. It ruins the rest of my day and I feel a little queasy, but it is ten times better than getting a full blown migraine and having a headache so bad that it makes me vomit.  I would talk to your doctor about these medications, they definitely have helped for me. Only issue with the topomax is that it makes me a little spacey. 


I really hope someone comes up with a real cure for migraines soon!!

Nico, Community Member
3/29/11 12:57pm

I had the exact same type of migrain plus vomiting, totally invalidating, and the only thing that would make me feel better was a long long nap.

With the help of a neurologist I discovered that the episodes were mostly stressed induced; if I sleep only 5 hours for 3 days in a row, or if I smoke too much and have deadlines coming soon. I started jogging and taking care of sleeping at least 8 hours a day to relief stress. My last episode was around 2 years ago. I'm taking no specific medication for it, but as soon as i start feeling numbness i will usually take ibuprofen and paracetamol, and go to bed as soon as i can and sleep for a couple of hours.

Hope this helps.

Joe, Community Member
4/11/11 2:04pm



I've been having these migraines that everyone is describing on and off for about 6 years now. They first started out with just the aura (zig zag lines in my vision) followed by the intense headache. But over the past couple of years I've had instances where I have no idea what people are saying, can't figure out the meaning of a simple word, such as "reconnect", times that if I can remember any of my friends or family members' names at all, none of them seem "right" (that's the only way I can describe that). Last episode I was staring at the computer screen, looking at the word "File" and tried to verbalize the word to no avail. Quite frustrating to know what word I wanted to say, yet it kept coming out with the wrong vowel sound and ending no matter how slow or hard I tried. I've begun to realize what's going on and I can recall previous episodes, so I don't worry as much as I used to when this is going on. I just slowly talk my way through it, pray, and go to sleep if I can.


I feel as if  I've started to realize the triggers of them which may help some people. The first one of these episodes I can remember was my freshmen year of college, back when I didn't even know it was a migraine. I just remember half of my vision going away. This was about the time I started using supplements for working out. I was reluctant to forego using these "pre-workout" aids such Redline, Black Powder, NO Explode, for years...until recently when it just was way too consistent that I got these migraines and confusion spills that I decided to quit all of them once and for all. The one thing that I seemed to pick out from them all, was the combination of caffeine and Arginine (an amino acid.) Arginine is supposed to dilate your blood vessels, increase blood flow, while caffeine is a constrictor. These two chemicals/ amino acids, whatever you want to call them, do not make my body happy when combined.


Another culprit of these migraines seems to be food: mainly high sodium content followed by insufficient water. I've had a few migraines following a pretty awful day of eating (i.e. an entire frozen pizza to myself, whole box of cereal, etc.) This doesn't surprise me as who would realistically expect to function normally after such binges? I've tried to keep my magnesium in check as well; I believe this helps. I could also say stress and lack of sleep have contributed to the migraines, but I haven't found these factors cause them as much as the supplements or food.


Although I don't keep a physical log of my occurrences, I strongly suggest it. I try and take as many mental notes as I can before, during, and after migraines in order to hopefully one day have them be a thing of the past. Not to be overly spiritual about it, but I certainly think God has His purpose with these migraines as well. Learning to trust Him even during these is a huge learning experience and has helped tremendously.



christinamorr, Community Member
10/14/11 1:06am

There is a flower that grows all over Northern california its called feverfew. After suffering from the main symptoms many of you have had I tried eating the leaves of the feverfew for 2 weeks strait. 10 years later I still had not had a migraine again. Also I almost never had even a small headache. I would eat 2-3 leaves a day just chewing them. My headaches were just like a stroke, then after 2 weeks I never had another.

Cely, Community Member
10/15/11 10:15pm

I am so grateful for finding this post. I am 33 yo and have had migraines since I was 16. They usually last 3 days, with aura (sense sensitivities and starred/zigzagged/blurred/double vision), naseuous, stabbing and batting pains, icepicks, and confusion. In my early twenties I had a "spell" that lasted 3 months. So many meds, neurologists, tests, etc. which all caused rebound migraines. I was told my a specialist at UC Berkeley that the good thing about these "bad" ones was that usually they come in ten-year cycles. I had to take a semester off but sure enough after that, I only got the occassionaly three dayer every so often, less as I discovered my triggers (everyone is different) and imitrex self-injections helped for years but then not so much. Later I found accupuncture (get someone who has had migraines - they know the points) and natural remedies helped enough to get by.


BUT here I am in my early thirties and apparently, I'm in that cycle (I had forgotten about this until my brother reminded me) because this year has been awful. Feb I had a 23 day migraine, followed by a 12 day one in April/May (little ones in between) and now I am on day 14 in another bad episode. This cycle has had all of the symptoms stated above. The numbness in my right arm/hand is new though and it scared me (since I don't have insurance right now, I can't get tests). A friend gave me a medication a few days ago called, Sydolil, (can get in MX) and it was a miracle. It stopped the "attack" but I am still suffering from the aura (sensitive to light, sound, smell) and the numbness/tingling and confusion is pretty constant with some better hours. I even drove home from my family's (2 hours) and I am still shaking from the fear. It was a bad idea to drive since my right arm couldn't even hold the stearing wheel and the moving cars made me soooo naseous, luckily my vision only got a few spots so I didn't have to pull over too much. Though Sydolil works I am scared to take too much of it and I have only one pill left (saving it for an attack), especially because I had a bit of a bloody nose this morning (just a little - but that NEVER happens). I've gone through a bottle of advil, half a bottle of excedrin and half a tylonol pm in these last two weeks. I also go to accupuncture and take Achor the Yang and take 2 stress b-complex every night to help sleep- these natural methods help as preventative but not really once the attacks are on, though they calm the panic. ICE is great too. I wish somebody would invent a soft ice helmet that I could wear. Or maybe when I'm better, I'll invent one and pass it on. I've discovered that my biggest uncontrollable triggers are weather. Fall and Spring Equinox get me every year. Seriously. So hard to believe but I swear I can feel the sky on my skin.


Anyhow, it's getting hard to type and I am feeling so confused. I am usually a writer and I am pretty sure this is making little sense. So scared at how this is effecting my career. I am going to try the Himalayan Salt Lamp and the magnesium b/c those are things I have yet to try. And maybe these feverfew leaves? I don't know. Just so tired of missing out on life. So, so tired. And so tired of trying to explain to people what I am feeling - unless they see me through this stuff (my family is so supportive - my 7 yo neice stood in a shard of light to read me a story in the dark), I get treated like I've caused this to myself. If it didn't hurt, I would scream everytime I hear, "It's in your head, try not to think, try not to stress." It is not psychological it is nerological. Yes stress is a trigger, but I wish I had a card that I could give people that said, "This is not just all in my head. Go to .net or migrainesurvival. and read up before you give unsolicited advice." Usually, I am very patient, kind, compassionate and these kind of comments don't bother me, but it's just hard to hear when you already want to rip your head off.


I hate that so many others are sufffering too, but also so thankful for this community. Somehow, it is giving me more patience and strength to remember that this will pass, eventually. That I probably don't have some brain tumor, and my brain will recover it's speed and capacity with a little more time and all the symptoms will go away, too.


Thank you for the space to share, and your tips, words, stories...


Many, many thanks,


Auds, Community Member
10/19/11 3:09pm

Hi All,


great to have found a site with all of this really good info. I'm a 32 year old female and have always suffered from headaches but nothing like what I woke up with on Monday morning. Nearly all discribed above! Worst headache of my life, it took me 15 minutes to put my hair in a bobbin as I tried to use my toothbrush as my bobbin and then my watch, I knew it didn't feel right but didn't know why, slurred speech, didn't understand what people were saying, vomiting, numbness in my right arm, hands shaking and sensitivity. All of these symptions lasted 4-5 hours during the morning and the headache and shaking for the whole day.


Went to the doctor the next day and she was lovely but had no clear idea of what it could be. Spent the night in casualty and back for a CT scan tomorrow after letting me out today.


Totally agree with everyone that it really felt so scary and not just 'like a migrane' as people will think.


I'm going to try Marks suggestions as don't want to go through that again,

Thanks for all your help


Mark, Community Member
10/23/11 4:01pm

Auds, just out of curiosity, did you get the result of your CT scan?



A.K, Community Member
10/24/11 6:23am

Hi Everyone,


I really wanted to write mainly to share my story and to say thanks to everyone who has shared their story on here. It is so relieving to read your posts and see that I'm not alone with these bizzare migraine symptoms!


2 days ago out of no-where I found myself with an inability to understand a couple of (usually very well know) suburb names when my partner asked me to type them into our GPS whilst driving. I asked him how to spell one and the other I suddendly felt like i'd never heard of.


Then I looked in my bag to check that i'd put my phone in - when I couldnt find it, I realised that I also couldn't tell my partner "I've left my phone home". I tried to figure out the name for 'phone' for a while until eventually I got it but it didnt 'sound right'. I cant think of any other way to describe it. I could read but not understand street signs (like i was reading another language) and found it hard to answer questions. 


At this point I was in a bit of a panic, obviously thinking that I was having a stroke! I'm 29yrs old and most ironically, a Speech Pathologist. I often work on a stroke ward at the hospital and with people who have aphasia (language expression and/or comprehension problems) so immediately I jumped to the worst case senario. 


I have a history of migrane but never ever had my speech/language effected. The Neuro. in the hospital told me that Migrane's can change over time and can also come out of nowhere - as in my case! I hadn't had a migrane for approx. 8 years.  This one happened with nearly no headache (just a mild one) and vomiting. Nasty and more than anything - scary!!


Anyway - just thought i'd share my experience. Thanks again for your posts, it has been a god sent after my experience on the weekend!!




Jane, Community Member
11/30/11 3:20pm

I have had headaches like that they started while I was working in a bright retail store.  I found in my research that mine are very much affected by light, ie: computers, tv motion, the new spiral type light bulbs, and flouresent lights.  Also I do not drink caffine or kind of liquer.  I also now eat completley organic.  Doctors said I have strong chemical allergies in medications, perfumes, and in foods.  They use many perservatives.  I wear these tan to yellow polarized oakleys in stores that have very strong lighting.  I take them everywhere!!  I read an article that migraine suffers have very hypersensitive neurons that can be triggered by light, ( mine) smell, ( mine ) colors, patterns, and different foods.  I hope some of this helps you.  It is hard.  Try to get of your medications if you can.  I really do not think they help all that much unless you just take them in emergency situations.  Somehow you have to break the cycle.  I take fiorinal.  It is an old medicine but very few side effects.  Good luck!!!!


Jane, Community Member
11/30/11 3:27pm

Dear Mark, I have had migraines since I was 11.  Don't worry you are not dying.  I have read many articles about migraines.  My mom, myself, and my sister have them.  The type I have are complex, that is what my neurologist said.  I have many drug allergies and chemical sensities so I do not take preventitive medications.  I would suggest not taking those meds you are on, but I am not a doctor.  I only take fiorinal when I have the painful kind of headaches in the begining of the attack.  My migraines have changed in my mid twenties to the kind you describe except I get eye rolling.  My triggers were flouresent lights, the new twirly lights, flashing lights, tv's, and computers.  I now wear oakely sunglasses around in some of these lighting situations.  That helps with light bothering my eyes.  Also no coffee or alcholl.  Good luck

Jane, Community Member
11/30/11 3:28pm

Dear Mark, I have had migraines since I was 11.  Don't worry you are not dying.  I have read many articles about migraines.  My mom, myself, and my sister have them.  The type I have are complex, that is what my neurologist said.  I have many drug allergies and chemical sensities so I do not take preventitive medications.  I would suggest not taking those meds you are on, but I am not a doctor.  I only take fiorinal when I have the painful kind of headaches in the begining of the attack.  My migraines have changed in my mid twenties to the kind you describe except I get eye rolling.  My triggers were flouresent lights, the new twirly lights, flashing lights, tv's, and computers.  I now wear oakely sunglasses around in some of these lighting situations.  That helps with light bothering my eyes.  Also no coffee or alcholl.  Good luck

Steve3, Community Member
1/26/12 10:40pm

I had the symptoms as well.  Half my body went numb, I could not feel my tongue, that was the worst part of it.  I never got a full blown headache.  I went to the hospital the first time, and they found nothing wrong.  I then went to a neurologist and he told me it was a migrane.  I could not believe it.  I had a few times, and then nothing for a few years.  About a month ago, I got it again.  I knew what it was.  I was watching a TV show, and it was difficult with the aura, I didn't recognize the cast, who I knew.  That was scary.  I went into my room, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.  I hope that one day they will have some medicine for this.  It is comforting to know others get this, and I feel for all of you.

Arisgma, Community Member
5/28/12 4:55pm

I have suffered with migraines for at least 40 years (since age 13).  Mine don't always include a lot of pain.  I get the vision that goes down to pinpoint, I can't express the words I want to say; no one can figure out what I am trying to say, extreme sensitivity to light and sound and numbness up both arms and my tongue and face.  I had these the most in my 20 and 30's and then very rarely in my 40's. I am now 53 and had a migraine attack me last Sunday like I have never had.  I had TIA's last November and everyone was afraid it was that again, but I just knew it was a migraine and it was the absolute worse one ever.  The pain in my forehead was unbearable I couldn't even stand to move.  I am a radiology tech and have worked in hospitals all my life, years ago a neurosurgeon saw me when I had one of my migraines and was waiting for someone to pick me up.  He took me to the ER, gave me two excedrin and 50 mg of Benadryl and the numbness started going away.  He told me to take 50 mg every 4 hours and just sleep and see what happened.  The headache was completely gone in 24 hours.  He called them histamine migraines.  I have treated them like this over the past 30 years and it has worked better than all these new drugs they try to put me on with their awful side effects.  It isn't a perfect cure it still takes time, but it takes away that horrible numb feeling, vision loss, and the speech problems quickly and you just have to sleep it off.  They usually don't come back for a while if you allow yourself enough time in bed to really get it gone.  Good Luck everyone.  I have had the mini strokes and the migraines - I will take the mini stroke any day. 

Todd, Community Member
5/31/12 4:22pm

Migraine is certainly a strange beast.  I am 40 yr old male and have suffered with them since I was 8 or 9.  Two of my three siblings get similar ones to mine while my third sibling only experiences aura and no pain.  Also, I can trace migraine back to a great grand parent on my mother's side.  All my migraines have a visual aura where I experience a blind spot that increases in size to form a scintillating scotoma and they all disrupt my ability to speak, form sentences and function.  Sometimes I will experience numbness and weakness on one side before the headaches and rarely I will get very blurry vision and extreme dizziness to the point where I can barely sit up in a chair.  On those occasions, I can't even pick up a telephone or call for help and they are especially terrifying.  Any of these events results in severe headaches with extreme light and sound sensitivity accompanied by nausea.  I used to vomit extensively, but as I've aged, it's become more of dry heaving rather than actual emesis.  My current neurologist (I've gone to 8 or so, since I've moved around a fair amount over the years) thinks they are a familial hemiplegic variant.  I initially started getting migraine about once/month as a child, however during my 30+ years of migraine, I have experienced at least 3 episodes of chronic migraine where I get them 3-5 times/week.  The first time it happened, chronic migraine (CM) lasted for 2 weeks.  The second time, CM lasted 6 months and the third time it's happened, it's lasted about 5 years and I've since gone on botox treatments. Botox has definitely reduced the intensity of the migraines (but not the frequency), although it took 6 months of botox before I noticed any impact at all. I also get ice-pick headaches between migraines where I get a sharp, stabbing, unbelievably intense pain that will sometimes send me to my knees.  Fortunately, these only last 30-45 seconds at a time and occur every other day or so.  Yes, I have had both a CT and MRI to confirm no significant abnormalities.


I've tried just about every treatment you can think of.  Depakote and Lyrica work the best as preventatives for me, while Vicodin or Compazine suppositories are best at treating a headache once one starts.  Unfortunately, depakote and lyrica are not without their side effects.


At any rate, best of luck to you all!  None of us are alone in getting these.  I completely understand the depression that can co-exist with migraine and hope you all seek out a neurologist experienced in treating migraine patients.  Do NOT settle for just any old neurologist!  A good one is easily worth driving hundreds of miles to visit.  Make sure you get treatment and seek out the best neurologist you can.  I highly recomment Dr. Larry Robbins in the Chicago area.  Check out his blog here...


Good luck!


Natrey1978, Community Member
1/ 7/13 11:02am

I have just had one of these Migraines. Numbness in my right hand, dry mouth and numb lips, extremely painful headache and blurred vision.

I have usually put up with these as an unpleasant inconvenience but today I had the slurred speech and inability to answer even the most simple questions.

Today, I had an interview for a job I REALLY wanted and needless to say it was a disaster because of my inability to comprehend what was being asked of me. Disappointed to say the least, and this particular experience will mean I will insist that my GP looks into this further. 

Teri Robert, Health Guide
1/ 7/13 11:11am



I'm so sorry! Keep in mind that GPs often don't know much about Migraines. Very little is taught about any headache disorders in medical school. If your GP can't help, please consider seeing a neurologist or a Migraine specialist. Neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine specialists, so if there's a specialist close enough to you, I'd suggest that. Take a look at the article Migraine and Headache Specialists - What's So Special? If you need help finding a Migraine specialist, check our listing of Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists.




Tessa, Community Member
11/28/13 7:21am

I do not know if my pain is the same with yours, 2 days ago I suffered from shooting pain in my left eye and tears just rolled in my eye, then followed with numbness on my tongue, actually the tears feels peppery that it blinds my eye it happened 3 times in one day. I went to a Chinese doctor to consult my heavy period and she gave me meds, little by little the pain I had subsided. The Chinese meds also helps in relieving the pain as well as stopping the flow of my period. The Dr. told me to take 2 tabs of Caffeic Acid, 4 caps of Luohuazizhu Jiaonang 3 times a day.

Ev Foster, Community Member
1/17/14 10:53pm

My migraines are just as severe and I can litterally feel your pain. All the meds the doctors put me on just messed with my stomache and bowels, never really did the trick on my migraines. I did however, listen to my sister and tried OTC med... Bayer Migraine! Believe it or not, taking one pill during the onset (immediately after noticing the first symptoms, you know when you are about to have one!!) and 30 minutes later, its gone! There are some days when I don't take one soon enough and it only takes the edge off, but hey, I'll take that over the full migraine any day! Please try it before you roll your eyes like I did at first. I had to suffer a few more before trying it and I am thankful I finally listened. Good luck with all else. Also, make sure to take only one pill.....every 12 hours if needed but you probably won't need the second one. 

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