• Sharon July 11, 2010
    July 11, 2010

    Hi -

    Please go to your library and check out the book "The Brain Trust Program" by Dr. Larry McCleary.  He's a brain surgeon who is interested in supplementation to help the brain...there's] a good section on migraines in there, and he discusses how to supplement.  He recommends 1 gram of taurine twice a day, but there are other supplements for migraines that are equally important.  I wouldn't take it with Red Bull, as he recommends you stay away from caffeine.



  • gaellafond September 16, 2015
    September 16, 2015
    Hi Cat Lover, I know, you post this question a very long time ago, but I want to add my experience to it. I have been suffering from migraine for several years. I found out that Taurine really helps. Unfortunately, there is many types of migraines and not all of them can be cured with Taurine. Energy drinks usually contains about 1g of Taurine, which is just enough to make a difference. If you can see a difference from a can of energy dring, see with your local pharmacy if you can get pure Taurine. It's sometime (miss) labelled as L-Taurine. It's also quite easy to find online, but be careful to check the website reputation before ordering. I take from 1g to 3g when I have a migraine. Taurine is very safe, large quantities won't give you food poisoning. Just try to stay bellow 1g of Taurine per kg of weight, per day (a 70kg person can safely consume up to 70g of Taurine daily). Some studies has shown that 2g per kg is also safe, but I don't you will need more than 5g per migraine (5g is a tea spoon). READ MORE
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