• Teresa October 12, 2009
    October 12, 2009

    Butalbital is a physically and psychologically addictive barbiturate. If taken more than 2 times a week it can become habit forming. I've been on this medicine for 3-4 years now for migraines in *action*. I take only 1 when I get a "morbid" migraine. I don't like taking anything habit forming so I try to exert all possibilities before I take this. I usually end up taking 2-4 in a month. Depending on how many migraines that I just can't tolerate the pain with. I have a very high tolerance and only will take something when the pounding is so severe in nature that I feel like my brain is going to have a heart attack. I believe this medicine is more of a muscle relaxer and not necessarily a narcotic. I've had very good success with this as it greatly reduces the "throbbing" /beating feeling in my brain. It does "NOTHING" for my tension headaches, which is what it's primarily prescribed for. It can make you sleepy, relaxed, and when I first started it I felt like my brain was liquefied but I don't experience any of that now. It's very well tolerated and with very few side effects.

    Hope this helps. :o)



  • DAJA August 02, 2012
    August 02, 2012

    I call this my magic pill. AND THEY seem like magic with in 1 hr im up moving around and back to normal. When I get migraines it always startes with nausea and the vomiting, with pain so severe that I can't move. The Dr. told me it is habit forming. When I start vomiting from pain or the pain (stabbing throbbing pain) is too much or if i have a slight throbbing stabbing pain for more than 24 hrs I take it. I would suggest low dose of anti seizure meds. It keeps the migrianes unless in very stress sitiuation away.  TAKE WITH something on stomach cuz causes stomach hiccups if you dont.

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