• odymela odymela
    November 04, 2008
    i have a constant migriane that wont go away please help..
    odymela odymela
    November 04, 2008

    hi i am new here and am looking for help..i have a constant migraine/stress headace. i just saw a new dr and seems to think that stress brings on my migraines and that i take too much maxalt and i acutally cause my own headaces..can this be true? iv been suffering for 7 years of which the last 2 years have been migraines that last for a month! now i get them all the time and am almost constant pain..i can function with these migines but not well..does anyone have any idea whats going on? i have to take like 3 maxlats to get the pain to go away and that only lasts for a day..



  • Eileen Gray
    Health Guide
    November 08, 2008
    Eileen Gray
    Health Guide
    November 08, 2008

    Hi Odymela!  


    It sounds like there may be a few things going on here. The first - Stress is NOT a migraine trigger. It is how our bodies REACT to stress that may trigger a Migraine. See Is Stress a Migraine Trigger?  


    Second - your doctor could be right about bringing on your own headaches by Maxalt. Maxalt is one of 8 triptans that you can take to abort the Migraine process. If the Maxalt is not working well for you, ask your doctor about trying one of the other triptans. I had to try four before I found the one that works best for me.  


    What concerns me is that it does not sound as if your doctor explained Medication Overuse Headache, aka, Rebound Headache to you. MOH happens when we take too much of the medication that would usually help us abort a Migraine. See Medication Overuse Headache: When Remedy Backfires.  


    Also, when tracking Migraine patterns, triggers and how much medication we have used, it is very beneficial, not only for yourself, but for your doctor, to keep a Migraine and Headache Diary. We have three different kinds to choose from on our site! You can access them HERE.  


    I also want to discuss preventive treatment with you. Are you taking something daily to prevent Migraine? If not, now may be the time to talk to your doctor about a preventive medication. There are over 100 medications currently being used for Migraine prevention - and we have the list! Migraine Preventive Medications: Too Many to Give Up! Also, we have an article explaining the difference between the medications we Migraineurs have available to us, and what they do. See Preventive, Abortive and Rescue Medications: What's the Difference?  


    If your doctor has not gone over this with you and made you aware that you SHOULD NOT have to live like this - it may be time to "fire his sorry butt" and find a new doctor! We have a list of Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists on our site right HERE! We really benefit from seeing a specialist for Migraine disease. These doctors have done extra educational hours just on Migraine and headache disorders. Migraine and Headache Specialists: What's So Special? Explains the difference between just an MD or Neurologist, and a Migraine Specialist.  


    Lastly - I want to invite you over to our forum. You can chat with people who know what you are going through, and know where you are coming from! You can access the forum from the main page of the site under the orange "manage" box. Just click "Migraine Forum" - or you can get there right now by clicking HERE.  


    Please come on over the the forum and let us know how you are doing, ok?


    Good Luck!

    Eileen Gray


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