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    July 05, 2009
    Teri Robert
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    July 05, 2009

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    Doris, this could be any number of things. Unless you have a sinus infection, it's unlikely that it's sinus. Sinus issues rarely cause a headache unless you have a sinus infection. For more information on that, please see Sinuses Giving You a Headache? It's Probably a Migraine.


    Does it feel like a band tightening around your head. If so, it could te a tension-type headache. You can read more about tension-type headache in Tension-Type Headaches - the Basics.


    Is there any history of Migraines, "sick headaches," or "sinus headaches" in your family? Do you have other symptoms too, such as nausea, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound? Migraine is a genetic neurological disease that manifests is Migraine attacks that include other symptoms, and in most cases, a headache that's one-sided. You can find information about various forms of Migraine and headaches in this section of our site -- Types of Migraines and Headaches.


    I'd love to be able to give you a firm answer, but the only person who can do that is a doctor who can review your and your family's medical history, discuss your symptoms with you, and conduct a complete examination.


    The best thing you can do is call your doctor first thing tomorrow. Will you please do that, then let us know how you're doing?


    Hope this helps,



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