• Ismail Ismail
    April 03, 2010
    Why do I have a headache every morning?
    Ismail Ismail
    April 03, 2010

    Why do I have a headache when I get up morning? I was having cervical pain before and a slipped disc also before. Also I have problem of sinusites. Lately when I get up in the morning, I am having headache. This happens about 2-3 days a week. I take Paracetamol and and will get relief. Does anyone know why I would be getting these headaches?



  • Teri Robert
    Health Guide
    April 23, 2010
    Teri Robert
    Health Guide
    April 23, 2010



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    Nancy gave you good information about the possibility of medication overuse headache.


    Something else to take a look at is your sleep. Too much sleep, too little sleep, disrupted sleep, poor quality sleep, and irregular sleep schedules can all be triggers for waking up with Migraines or headaches. Here's a video on the topic: Migraines, Headaches, and Sleep.


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  • Nancy Harris Bonk
    Health Guide
    April 14, 2010
    Nancy Harris Bonk
    Health Guide
    April 14, 2010

    Hi Ismail,


    Taking any pain meds like Paracetamol (acetaminophen) or Migraine abortive meds such as the triptans or ergotamines more than two or three days a week can make matters worse by causing medication overuse headache (MOH), aka rebound.  See Medication Overuse Headache - When the Remedy Backfires for more information on this. If you're in an MOH situation, nothing you take is going work, neither prescription nor "natural" medications nor over-the-counter. If that's the case, you need to work with your doctor to stop the medications causing the problem.


    Many times peope think when their noses are stuffy, cheeks hurt, and have sinus symptoms they have a sinus infection. In reality it may be a Migraine. To read more see this article,    Sinuses Giving You a Headache? It's Probably Migraine.



    Good luck






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