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Thursday, October 28, 2010 MIchael, Community Member, asks

Q: generic midrin discontinued?

I received a call from my pharmacy today and was told the generic for midrin is no longer being manufactured. Does anyone know anything about this or is anyone else having a problem getting midrin perscriptions filled?

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
10/30/10 11:37am



I checked with three local pharmacies as well as the mail order pharmacy that I use for my insurance, and they all have generic Midrin available.



KRAZYKAT, Community Member
11/14/10 12:52am

About a month ago I was also told by Walgreens that the generic was severly back ordered..probably discontinued.  Since then I have been getting generic Imitrex from Costco....cheaper than the midrin ever was, but it makes me more tired. 

Well, just thought I would give my bit of input on this topic...

Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
10/29/10 11:22pm

Hi MIchael,



Brand name Midrin is definitely discontinued, permanently. Epidrin as well as generic isometheptene/ dichloralphenazone/ acetaminophen from several manufacturers are available. You can read more about this in Midrin for Migraine and Tension-Type Headache - Definitely Discontinued.


I still get the generic form of Midrin. 


Good luck



geojuls, Community Member
3/ 8/11 10:55pm

The generic Midrin is discontinued as well...unless of course you have some off the wall pharmacy who still has a large supply in some back closet somewhere... Let me know if you find this!

Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
3/ 9/11 9:30am

Hi Michael,


Not sure if you checked the date on my initial answer. But there have been many, many updates since this question was first posted on October 28, 2010.


For current information of the Midrin issue, look at an article dated 1/28/11 - 

Migraine Meds Epidrin, Midrin Update 1/28/11.


Do you take anything else to help abort your Migraine?


Good luck




krbutterfly14, Community Member
3/25/11 4:45pm

I was just in a pharmacy today to try and get a Rx filled for Midrin, a pharmacist was nice enough to check every generic related to it for me that they had ever carried to see if there was anything in stock. Everything was gone and all the distributors for Western PA are not carrying anything related to the drug. I have been told to try something related to it but they dont work, what are is our alternative?

Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
3/25/11 5:19pm

Hi there,


I'm sorry to say there is not better news for you on the Midrin front. Teri's SharePost: Migraine Meds Epidrin, Midrin Update 1/28/11, pretty much explains in detail what is going on with this medication.


After you read it and need more help, please let me know, ok?


Good luck



pixiefairydust, Community Member
4/14/11 1:35pm

I had a apointment with my doctor on March.30,2011. I asked him about the discontinuing of Midrin. He told me about Compounding Pharmacy's that can do the Midrin. He gave me 2 Pharmacy's and I called and 1 can do the Midrin. They do have the stuff to make Midrin. They have the lab in the Pharmacy. My doctor gave me a prescription and I went to check for some other Compounding Pharmacy's on line. One does it near my house.  I got my prescription filled for 60 pills. Go on line and look for Compounding Pharmacy's and check that do Midrin and then get your prescrition. I hope this may help.

tharrison, Community Member
5/29/11 6:14pm


Compounding pharmacies can still make a form of Midrin.  The only difference is they use chloral hydrate instead of dichloralphenazone.  From what I can find on dichloralphenazone is it is 2 molecules of chloral hydrate that are bonded together.  Cornerstone Specialty Pharmacy in Arkansas is one of the pharmacies that I found to mail me my prescription.

MJ, Community Member
11/13/10 10:06pm

My pharmacy can not find it. What is going on.  This medication works!


Teri Robert, Health Guide
11/14/10 12:08am

According to the FDA is it not discontinued. My mail-order pharmacy and three local pharmacies I checked with can get it. I'd suggest trying another pharmacy. Maybe one of the big chains as well as smaller local pharmacies.



rach, Community Member
11/28/10 11:05pm

walgreens told me it was discontinued.  i wanted to cry!  this is the ONLY med that has really helped me when it comes to my migraines.  all the imitrex etc have horrible side effects.  WHY did they discontinue this?  anyone know?  i'm sure its a money issue.  i hate this.. i have no idea as to what i will take now.

Jas, Community Member
11/29/10 2:48pm

I was told by my pharmacist as CVS that it was discontinued as well.  I was given Prodrin instead, which seems to help.  Unfortunately it is not available in generic and is pretty expensive.

Cherru, Community Member
12/ 4/10 6:51pm

Teri seems to be the only person in the country who can find it.


Teri: can you name your pharmacy chain / mail order company?  That would really be helpful.


I might actually check out Prodrin, since caffeine replaces the dichloralphenazone from Midrin.  The dichloralphenazone (a mix of chloral hydrate) is a sedative and always made me feel like I couldn't stop falling asleep - even when trying to drive home.

Nadine Dillard, Community Member
12/ 4/10 10:55pm

According to, manufacturers of Isomethe, they have discontinued this generic of Midrin.  I am now going to research other generics as this medication has been my lifeline since 1986 - will report back with my findings.

kand, Community Member
12/20/10 10:30pm

Thank you!  If you can find out, we all would be ever so grateful.  I'm been nursing a grand headache for days and am reluctant to use what Midrin I have left.  I've been using it for over 30 years - I'm unable to tolerate anything else.

Janice Montalvo, Community Member
1/24/11 12:11pm

Yes, please let us know.  I have also been taking Midrin for over 30 years and I have found nothing else that works as well for me either.

HpyTwoBMe, Community Member
12/13/10 1:16pm

I went to Rite Aid in New Orleans and they informed me that none of their locations have it and can't seem to get it in any form.  All they're being told is it's "on back order" or "out of stock" with no indication of when they expect it to available.  I spent 4 hours Saturday calling various pharmacies and no one had it.  Seems it's the same problem everywhere.

Sue Warren, Community Member
12/ 7/10 9:30am

Yes I went to several Pharmacies yesterday and they all had the same response."On back order" or "not in stock" Finally found a small Pharmacy who had the generic product.

p.s. it worked ten minutes after swallowing!

Katherine, Community Member
12/18/10 8:50am

I have been taking Midrin for 30 years ever since it came out!  In those 30 years I have never had a bad migraine.  i agree with someone else on this site it's all about money.  If anyone knows how to protest and get this drug back on the market I am more than willing to get in line to complain.  I don't know what I'll do without it, I carry the pil around like someone would carry for a bee sting.

pixiefairydust, Community Member
1/12/11 1:11pm

I guess we can complain to the FDA about Midrin and how it helps so many of us that hurt and suffer from Migraine pain. Enough of to together and maybe they will listen. Midrin and the generics do work.

Teri Robert, Health Guide
12/20/10 10:56pm

The final word is that Midrin, in all it's forms, has been discontinued. For a full explanation of this, please see Midrin for Migraine: What's Going On?



Pharm Tech, Community Member
1/11/11 5:26pm

I work for one of the larger retail pharmacy chains and have been told that they are no longer making the brand or generic, you can however obtain the medication at a componding pharmacy, they are hard to find but will hand make the medication for you the cost at one componding pharmacy was about 70.00 for 30 pills they do not take a large variety of insurance like retail pharmacies do but suggest you pay cash and submit for reimbursment from you insurance company. Pharm Tech in MI

Loretta S, Community Member
1/12/11 4:22pm

I would gladly pay $70 for Midrin.  I have Imitrex and hate to use it unless absolutely neccessary.  Midrin has not given me any sideaffects and I have been on it for over 25 years.  Where do I find a componding pharmacy?  


pixiefairydust, Community Member
1/12/11 6:37pm


I have a prescription at Target and they have a few on hand (Fort Worth). Try Target and ask them if they have some Epidrin. You may get luck.Laughing Maybe. I hope you get relief and some Epidrin. You may ask about Prodrin. I like Epridrin. I'm in the same boat with you. I'm looking for this Meds to. I've been taking since 2004 and It's a Miracle Pill for Migraines. It's Relief. I hope this helps.

pixiefairydust, Community Member
1/12/11 10:17am

I know that there still making Epidrin. I had to call around to find Pharmacy's to see if have any Epidrin or the generic(acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene) for Epidrin. I still have 49 pills left of the generic for Epidrin(red solid pill-with IP 141), which is the long name above.  It's a Miracle pill for me. I have to take mine sparely, to save.Then I have a Pharmacy that stills has bottles of Epidrin on the shelf. I talked to them yesterday, that's what they told me. I'm in Fort Worth. It's at Glenview Pharmacy in Richland Hills/North Richland Hills. I will have to start taking the Epidrin. I think people get the pills mixed. There different images. The Midrin and generic are Red. Midrin has the Midrin name in it.Which they dont made any more, Frown Epridrin has EPI 101. The generic has IP 141/IP 141.I hope this helps.

Teri Robert, Health Guide
1/12/11 11:51am

I think Epidrin has been discontinued too. That would mean that when pharmacy supplies are exhausted, that's all there will be. That's what my pharmacist said when I asked about the availability of Eipdrin.


Just calle the manufacturer. They're closed today because of a snow storm, but someone is supposed to return my call tomorrow. Will let you know what they say.



Teri Robert, Health Guide
1/17/11 2:01pm



I heard back from the manufacturer of Epidrin. You can find an update on the situation in Migraine and Midrin-Like Medications Update, 1/15/11.



lunaraven, Community Member
1/17/11 11:05am

My pharmacy (Target) told me that all but one manufacturer quit making it and the only one left is having a hard time keeping up so its always on back order. :( I called other pharmacies and CVS tried to tell me its totally pulled off the market. This is the only thing that works for me other than something like hydrocodon which of course causes rebound headaches. My doc offered me the nose spray but $75 is too much for me to afford it.

Teri Robert, Health Guide
1/17/11 2:04pm



I don't know of any Midrin type medications that are being shipped at this point. It looks like this may change before too much longer though. This has been an ongoing situation. For the latest update, see Migraine and Midrin-Like Medications Update, 1/15/11.



ed, Community Member
1/18/11 2:43pm

What is the nose spray?  I dont want to take something like hydrocodone.  I cannot take Imitrex - it causes a burning in my jaw.


Any help would be lovely.  Thank you!

Teri Robert, Health Guide
1/19/11 11:04am



There are three nasal spray abortives available:

1. Imitrex Nasal Spray

2. Zomig Nasal Spray

3. Migranal Nasal Spray (dihydroergotamine)



ed, Community Member
1/24/11 10:03pm

Hey folks - my day was made today when I found a CVS in Columbus Ohio that has Midrin in stock.  I had to call 3 of them but I got it.  Definitely keep calling around. 

ed, Community Member
1/18/11 2:41pm

Wow - this crushes me. Midrin was a big help for my migraines - really the only thing I would take for it.


I was just told the news that Midrin is not available anymore, by my doctor who is calling in Fioricet for me instead. 



Teri Robert, Health Guide
1/19/11 11:07am



This question and discussion are nearly three months old. For the latest information on this situation, see Migraine and Midrin-Like Medications Update, 1/15/11.



TERRI, Community Member
3/ 9/11 11:50am

Oh My Gosh! I wish I had seen this sooner! I too am missing my midrin. My Dr. prescribed Fioricet for me too. On the assumption that it was the closest thing to Midrin I took it one afternoon when I had a migraine, and within minutes, I was out! I couldn't wake up! My Mom and my 2 daughters had to put me in the bed. The kept trying to wake me, but I would just fall right back asleep instantly! I slept the whole rest of the day and couldn't get up the next day till 11am. And I'm not a "newbey" to strong meds. I used to take meperdene for my migraines. Me and my husband looked up this Fioricet on the internet, and saw that it is a barbiturate! It said that this med. causes severe rebound headaches, and is very addictive, and has severe withdrawl symptoms! Please stop taking this if you still are! It's a dangerous medication, and I am going to let my Dr. know when I go back this month!

nhoch31, Community Member
3/29/11 2:21pm

I disagree with the Fioricet.  You must have been taking the one with codiene in it or something, because I take it have taken it very years off and on for my tension/migraine headaches and have been on several other meds and this is the only meds that they have found that gets rid of my headaches before they get out of control.  So I think it is up to the person and if you don't take it all the time you will not get addicted.

Janice Montalvo, Community Member
1/24/11 12:00pm

I have one even better.  I went to pick up a refill for epidrin (generic for midrin) and was told the same, that it's not being manufactured any more.  I had one left and it was the weekend.  The pharmist said fioricet may be replacing midrin, but they couldn't help me until I contacted my doctor the following week!  If I got a migrane that weekend I was out of luck!  Why can't there be some way patients are notified ahead of time that a drug is being discontinued so they can plan accordingly.  As it was, I had to drive 3 hours to another pharmacy who still had a supply of the epidrin left.  This is ridiculous, there has to be a better system.

Nancy Harris Bonk, Community Member
1/24/11 12:20pm



I'm sorry to say that Fioricet is not "replacing" because it is not in the same class of medications as Midrin. Fioricet is a pain reliever, Midrin is an abortive medication that stops the Migrainous process.


Midrin is not being produced any longer, BUT, we do have these two links with all the information you need on the current situation:


Midrin for Migraine: What's Going On? and

Migraine and Midrin-Like Medications Update, 1/15/11


I hope this helps,





kand, Community Member
1/24/11 8:21pm

To really kill my migraines I have to take both Midrin and Fioricet.  (It's a daily battle for me.)  One without the other just prolongs the headache and makes it worse.  Then I have to throw in Compazine, ice packs and rest in a dark room (if I am lucky enough to be at home which is rare).  I'm stuck as far as alternative medications - they don't work or I don't tolerate them.  Now I'm back to square one after thirty years of successful treatment in handling these dreadful headaches.  I have four Midrin left and am in a total panic as to what is going to happen next.  I work (teacher) full time and this will just level me.  You don't get to lie down till it's all over when you work.   I think it is unconscionable for pharmaceutical companies and, for that matter, doctors and pharmacies not to notify their clients/patients that a medication is being yanked for good.  They have some sort of glimmer of knowledge at the patient level that this was coming.  To just pull the rug out on all these migraine sufferers who relied on this medication is cruel and inhumane.  

Janice Montalvo, Community Member
1/24/11 9:44pm

Yes, I agree about warning to patients and I sympathize with you, as your headaches are much worse than mine.  What does your doctor say?  Mine is still checking out other possiblities for me, but said she doesn't want to prescribe fioricet.  We shall see, hopefully soon.

Amanda, Community Member
1/24/11 10:36pm

I called 9 pharmacies over the last month and have finally run out of places that have a few midrin/epidrin/isometheptene-dichloralphenazone acetaminophen 65-100-325 still in stock. I sent a letter of complaint to the FDA on 1/20/11(see below) this was their response on 1/21/11 - they claim they are not the reason behind the lack of supply....

"Dear ....(I have deleted my name)

Thank you for writing to the Division of Drug Information in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

I believe most, if not all, manufacturers have ceased to make Midrin and its 'generic' versions. FDA has not yet asked manufacturers to discontinue manufacturing.  However, please understand that Midrin has never been approved by FDA, and companies may have ceased manufacturing to comply with FDA regulations. You may find FDA enforcement actions against unapproved products at:

Midrin is not FDA approved, but is on the Drug Efficacy Study Implementation (DESI) list.  Since there is no approved application for Midrin, there are no approved generics for this product either. The products you are referring to are not generics, but rather other products that contain the same ingredients as Midrin.

The following is a brief general history, relevant to Midrin:

In 1962, Congress amended the 1938 Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to give the FDA the authority to regulate medicines on the basis of efficacy in addition to safety. That is, the amendment required manufacturers to show that their drug products were effective, as well as meeting the requirement of the earlier Act, that the products must be safe. As a result of the 1962 amendment, all the drugs approved under New Drug Applications (NDAs) between 1938 and 1962 had to be reviewed again for efficacy. Furthermore, for every drug initially sold between 1938 and 1962 with approval by FDA, five others were sold without FDA approval. Many of these drugs were chemically identical copies of previously approved drugs, and hence were known as "me-too" drugs. Many others were combinations of approved ingredients. FDA decided that the efficacy study, to be fair and to accomplish its purpose of improving therapeutics in the United States, had to apply as well to these non approved drugs. Because the resources of the FDA were too limited to do this, the agency asked the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council (NAS/NRC) to assist in the review effort. The NAS/NRC chose 30 panels, each composed of six experts, to conduct the review of various categories of drugs. The manufacturers of drugs with NDAs that had been submitted between 1938 and 1962 were asked to submit to the FDA their evidence that the drug was effective. The NAS/NRC panels then reviewed the data. In late 1967, the panels began submitting their reports to the FDA. The FDA formed a task force to implement the recommendations in the reports. This was the Drug Efficacy Study Implementation (DESI) task force. DESI products can continue to be marketed until a final determination is made.

Best regards,
Drug Information RL
Division of Drug Information
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Food and Drug Administration

For up-to-date drug information, follow the FDA's Division of Drug Information on Twitter at FDA_Drug_Info"


My letter to the FDA is below:


From: []
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2011 7:54 AM
Subject: DrugInfo Comment Form FDA/CDER Site


 Comments: When will isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen be available to migraine sufferers again?

And why didn't the FDA notify all pharmacies why this drug was no longer available instead of letting us just run out with no warning?

I went to six pharmacies and NOT ONE could give me a reason why the manufacturer was not currently supplying this drug anymore. I spent countless hours online trying to find a supply before I found the URL I reference below which explained that I now have to suffer for NO GOOD REASON. I am very disillusioned with the FDA due to the ridiculous way it is interpreting the 2006 law, and the lack of reasonable prioritization of the drugs the FDA chose to assess and label 'unapproved' - this is a grossly inept application of this law.  Surely your efforts could have been better spent focusing on drugs that demonstrate harm to patients, instead of taking away drugs whose only crime is that they might not work (efficacy unproven.)

Wouldn't it have been more reasonable to survey long-term and new users on the efficacy before forcing the pharmeceutical companies to stop manufacturing it?!?...

Why don't you go out and read the desperate pleas in the comments from migraine sufferers who don't know why they can't get their rescue medication, or a replacement for the drug, that prevents them from being incapacitated by pain for days every month...

Just so you know, without this drug, I have to rely on vicodin and butalbital, which don't get rid of the pain like 'midrin' does, and are much more likely to be ADDICTIVE and harmful.  Thanks ever so much!

I will hope to receive answers to my two initial questions in the near future.


P.S. The ergotamines and triptans cannot be taken by everyone - they both resulted in ER visits for me and are contra-indicated for me and many others. How dare you take away a relatively harmless but vital drug when there is no alternate available for patients?



Teri Robert, Health Guide
1/24/11 11:53pm

Hi, Amanda,


I share your frustration, but I'm not sure it's the FDA with whom we should be frustrated. The pharmaceutical companies have known this was coming for years. They've known that the day would come when "grandfathered" medications would have to be removed from the market if they hadn't applied for FDA approval.


There IS good news though. Excellium Pharmaceuticals IS applying for FDA approval of their product, Epidrin. You can read more in this update, Migraine and Midrin-Like Medications Update, 1/15/11.


I know it's not as good as having these medications immediately available, but at least it's in the works.



Wanda, Community Member
2/ 1/11 12:15pm

Is any form of midrin, generic or not still available?

Teri Robert, Health Guide
2/ 1/11 12:44pm

No, none of them are available unless you find a compounding pharmacy and get a prescription from your doctor for them to make it for you.


There's a link in the upper right section of our home page where I keep a link to the most current information on this situation. The most current info we have at this point is at



maureen, Community Member
2/13/11 10:42am

contact your senators and representatives - cheap drug that works and the government pulls it -  let's add more to the burden on health care and patients

chennessy13, Community Member
2/22/11 8:10pm

I am so upset that it has been "discountinued"!  I'm 27 years old and have been a migraine suffer since I was 9 years old...this is the only medication that has helped and I have been on it for over 15 years with no tolerance to it!  Just spoke with my pharmacy and asked her what she thought of a compounding pharmacy as someone had mentioned above and will be calling them tomorrow at it's too late now I think here in San Diego.  I am willing to pay WHATEVER cost to have Midrin as part of my medication as it is what has gotten me through my life!  I have tried every migraine med out there, preventative too but now my doctor has prescribed blood pressure meds which have been proven to help reduce them as well as a anti-depressant that has also been proven.  It's funny though in a since as I don't suffer from either disease but I trust my doc completely as he has been with me for 10 years now!  So, I am "glad" to hear that I am not the only one upset about this and maybe think about a compounding pharmacy and the two different types of meds I mentioned...I have not even picked them up from the pharamcy and they say it can take up to 3 months to start working!  What am I supposed to do when I get one now?  Start taking shots of a narcotic...not really but what else is there?

Paige, Community Member
3/ 8/11 2:45pm

I contacted numerous pharmacies in my area, and no one was carrying Midrin or any generic brands.  I called a pharmacy in a small town near me, and they still had some of the generic brand in stock.  I just picked it up.  So, I would recommend anyone that suffers from migraines to do the same thing.  You might get lucky too!

TERRI, Community Member
3/ 9/11 12:23pm

I too am missing my midrin. My Dr. prescribed Fioricet for me. On the assumption that it was the closest thing to midrin, I took it one afternoon for a Migraine, And within minutes I was OUT! I couldn't wake up! My mom and my 2 daughters had to put me in bed. The kept trying to wake me but I just kept falling right back to sleep instantly! I slept the whole rest of the day and couldn't get up till the next day till 11am. And I'm not a "newbie to strong meds. I used to take meperdene for my migraines. My husband and I look up this Fioicet on the internet and saw that it is a barbiturate! It said that you can only take this med for 3 days in a row because it causes Severe rebound headaches(we all know how bad those are!)And is Very addictive, and has Severe withdrawal symptoms! If your Dr. offers to put you on Fioricet, please say NO! This is a Dangerous medication and I am going to let my Dr. know when I go back this week! ALSO, Don"t EVER EVER let any Dr or Neurologist put you on Methadone!! I was hospitalized last year for a month long migraine. A neurologist had them give me 40mg of methadone. I went into respiratory arrest! If my friend had not been there, and woken up and saw me, I would be dead right now. Just be careful guys! Research whatever your Dr. gives you to replace your Midrin.  

Georgia, Community Member
4/13/11 11:34pm

Hi Michael,

I just found out from pharmacy about Midrin.  Don't get it filled often, but really need it now.  I have had migraines since I was 12 (now I'm considerably olderSmile)  It's the only thing I can help that is effective without raising my already too high blood pressure.  Sure hate to start losing a day or two a month due to headache.


Teri Robert, Health Guide
4/14/11 12:48pm



You can find the lastest information about the Midrin situation in Midrin Update: Migraine Abortive Epidrin Also Discontinued.



ed, Community Member
4/14/11 1:04pm

Georgia - I know how you feel.

I am out of Midrin and no hope of finding it.  I have been using the Migranal nose spray for the past few headaches and it is actually working, with very little side effects.


It tastes horrible, but I am not going to complain. 



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