• Carol Carol
    May 06, 2008
    Two optical auras in one day?
    Carol Carol
    May 06, 2008

    Sunday afternoon I was driving when I experienced a scintillating scotoma. Fortunately my partner was with me, so she could take over the driving. I sprayed with Zomig immediately, but the pain came anyway. When we got home, I went to bed. After a few hours, I felt better, so I got up, did a few things. Suddenly, I experienced ANOTHER scotoma! I have NEVER had 2 in the same day! In fact, over the last several months, I hadn't had any optical auras at all, after many years of them. So, you can understand, the first one surprised me....the second one AMAZED me. I sprayed Zomig a second time, and went back to bed.




  • Mindy September 27, 2009
    September 27, 2009

    Yesterday for the first time I had 3 scotomas (just learned the name today).  I was in town grocery shopping when they hit.  They all last about 20 minutes and were 30minutes apart.  After each one my headache got worse.  I have been having these every day now for 1 week straight.  I just started having them a few years ago, but only 1-3 per year.  I have only treated them with Ibuprophen, Pseudoephedrine, and rest.  


    Does anyone know what can cause more than 1 aura.  Is it because we didn't rest right away?

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