• Marianne Marianne
    May 03, 2008
    I had migrains for years & then a brain anurism, Were they related?
    Marianne Marianne
    May 03, 2008

    I still have bad migrains from time to time.  Different things trigger these than my pre-annie.  I had a aura pre-annie...& time to sit or lie down.  The ones now have the same triggers plus one more....namely my mother who got conservatorship when I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL & I am her 'problem ' ....now I am 'hapless' & she stuck me in assisted living after she built with MY money an apt. behind her house.  I need to move AWAY, namely to TEXAS where my son is...she won't hear of it.  I may not 'pill' myself correctly.  (She lives 30 minutes away & loves to play THE ONLY game we play here....HOURS of bingo.  She manages to shop for the last game & the 'cover-all' ...She triggers a migrain every time. Oh, this is 'assisted living for seniors' which mother says I AM @ 56.




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  • Dave May 13, 2008
    May 13, 2008

    Hey there Marianne.  This is an excellent question for the neurosurgeon that dealt with your aneurysm. I am assuming that you had surgery.  My wife has had two brain surgeries for aneurysms and her migraines have increased especially after her most recent surgery in Aug. 2007.


    My wife's neurosurgeon says having brain surgery and a brain bleed doesn't really trigger migraines but definately can aggrivate and make her more prone to migraines.


    Stress can also make you prone to migraines from what I hear and your situation with your Mother sounds extremly stressful. Stress won't trigger a migraine but can make you more vulnerable and prone to getting one.  Is there a way to move on your own? Due to damage from your aneurysm do you need assisted living? (No shame in that by the way, my wife would have a hard time being on her own ever since her two surgeries).


    I'm not sure this answered your question but my wife and I wanted to let you know that you are not alone when it comes to having had an aneurysm and having migraines.





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