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Sunday, November 02, 2008 blkadder, Community Member, asks

Q: Does high cholesterol contribute to migranes?

Does high cholesterol and high LDL have a connection with migranes?

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
11/ 3/08 4:58pm

I've not seen anything in the medical literature directly linking cholesterol levels to Migraines. However, it is possible for their to be some indirect connections. For one, anything that impacts our overhealth can impact Migraines. When our health is compromised, we can be more susceptible to our Migraine triggers.


Additionally, there is some research showing that Migraine disease can increase our risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. It's nothing to become overly concerned over, but it is good reason to work with our doctors to reduce modifiable risk factors including cholesterol levels.


Here are some links with additional information:

   • Migraine and Stroke Risk

   • Migraine Disease Linked To Cardiovascular Disease in Men

   • Migraine With Aura Linked To Cardiovacular Disease in Women


Hope this helps!


Nancy Marshall, Community Member
8/22/09 2:58pm

I have a history of Migraine headaches.  This past week I have not been able to get rid of it even with taking prescription medicine (Maxalt).  A friend of mine asked me this week if my Cholestral had been checked.  Is this a symptom? 

Teri Robert, Health Guide
8/22/09 6:50pm

No, Migraine is not a symptom of high cholesterol.


Please do call your doctor about this Migraine. It shouldn't go so long. OK?



Linda A. Crawford, Community Member
2/ 2/09 6:04pm

I have been a 19 year sufferer with migranes and have discovered recently that I have high bad colesterol.  Is there any medical evidence that high bad colesterol can cause you to have more migranes?

aimes82, Community Member
2/18/09 2:51am

I am not sure if this will help but my blood work came up with slightly high cholesterol and my gp said that could of been contributing to my headaches.

hope that helps a little

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