• Denise Garrett Denise Garrett
    December 02, 2012
    I been put on Prednisone for my Migraines, it is not helping?
    Denise Garrett Denise Garrett
    December 02, 2012

     had a migraine so bad for a week off and on...with little releif. I had to go to the ER for injections of pain meds.  Now my doctor has put me on Prednisone for the migraines. I've been on them 2 days. I have still been getting migraines. The only thing I do is take motrin or Xanax or Vicodin. ..and it eases up. Last night. the first night that I took the Prednisone, I had pounding so bad, I was about to go to the ER again. Then I prayed, and I prayed, and was able to sleep. I don't know whether to finish this medicine or not. I have not got much sleep at all, and just want to eat everything. Help please. Any advice?



  • Nancy Harris Bonk
    Health Guide
    December 05, 2012
    Nancy Harris Bonk
    Health Guide
    December 05, 2012

    Hi Denise,


    I hope by now the prednisone is starting to work. Here is the answer from the other section of the site; No relief and due for Botox.


    I've heard other people say two rounds of this medication may be helpful.


    Let me know how you are doing,



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