• leg78 leg78
    December 08, 2008
    Anyone with chronic daily migraine try Remeron &/or Lamictal?
    leg78 leg78
    December 08, 2008

    I have been suffering from chronic daily migraine for 4 months. So far, I have tried numerous preventives and abortives (triptans) and nothing has worked. Most recently, my doctor started me on Remeron and Lamictal. After just one day, I got a horrible migraine that has been around for 4 days. Anyone have this happen and was it temporary? Also, any feedback (positive or negative) on either drug would be apprceciated.


    If you also suffer from chronic daily migraine, which perventives have worked for you?



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  • PinkPatty December 12, 2008
    December 12, 2008



    I too suffer from chronic daily migraines.  I have never tried Remeron but did try Lamictal and had trouble within the first 4 weeks where I'd wake up at night and not know where I was.  I went off of it because this was very troubling, I'd be awake enough to try to call someone to ask where I was, but couldn't do it, very upsetting.


    I am on Topamax, currently 200mg and this has helped with the horrible migraines.  I am left with a chronic daily headache.  I've had this headache for the past 5-6 yrs. and am trying to get help figuring out how to handle it because nothing I've ever tried will help with it.  No triptans or other migraine meds have ever worked for me so the Topamax is the only med that I have found that has actually helped me.  The only other thing I've actually gotten any relief from is barbitol which isn't good to be on, so I've been off that for quite a while now.


    Good luck to you.


    I'll keep watching to see how you do.


    I go to a new headache doctor that I found on the National Headache Foundation website on Tuesday and am hopeful that she will do something to help.  The last neurologist I went to put me on B12 and Magnesium and said that there isn't much we can do.  That isn't very encouraging.


    By the way.  I have a pineal cyst which I've noticed others mention.  I don't know if it's significant or not.  Mine is 2cm. and my neurologists don't think it has anything to do with headaches but who knows.


    Good luck.



  • jvalenzueladuffy December 09, 2008
    December 09, 2008


    I too suffer from chronic daily migraines.  Mine have been going on strong for the last 8 years.  There is not a medication I haven't been given.  The Remeron and Lamictal both made my headaches soooo bad! It seemed to land me in bed for a few days. The nausea is the worse. 

    My doctors don't say it, but their actions do.  I know they want to get rid of me.  Since nothing they give me works.  I get toradol and phenergan injections at the office and my husband or son will drive me back and I am passed out for the evening.  I still wake up about 3 to 4 times.

    Good luck with the Remeron and Lamictal.  I hope it works for you.  Feel free to contact me with more questions.  I have tried everything available...Cool


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