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Friday, April 03, 2009 Solaire, Community Member, asks

Q: Is a daily aura upon waking normal?

Can it be normal to wake up every morning with an aura? I wake every day and even from naps with a visual trail of objects that pass in front of my eyes, like when someone on drugs trips out on their hands.  It disapears in bright lights.  I have many other neurological problems and I wonder if having this daily "aura" can be normal.

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
4/ 9/09 1:56pm



You said that this is a new symptom. New symptoms should always be reported to our doctors to be sure that they ARE Migraine and not something else. Especially with other neurological problems, nobody can address your question about this aura via the Internet. It needs to be addressed by your doctor, who can examine you and review your medical records.


That said, it's not "normal" to have a headache every day. Are these headaches Migraines? Anyone who has more than three Migraines a month needs to be talking with their doctor about prevention. There's growing evidence that Migraine is a progressive brain disease. A recent study showed that Migraines can cause brain damage, and that people with three or more Migraines a month are more susceptible to this damage. For more information, see Is Migraine a Progressive Brain Disease? and Yes, Migraines Can Cause Brain Damage.


If your doctor isn't able to help you, it may well be time to consult a Migraine and headache specialist. It's important to note that neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine and headache specialists. Take a look at the article Migraine and Headache Specialists - What's So Special? If you need help finding a Migraine specialist, check our listing of Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists.


Please keep us posted on how you're doing?


Good luck,


Solaire, Community Member
4/ 4/09 10:54am

To be more clear, this is a new symptom that has been happening to me everyday for a month.  I realized last night, I also get this aura if I close my eyes for about 10 minutes.  I have had headaches every day for the last 8 years.  I really need help understanding if this can be typical of an aura.

Kurt, Community Member
2/22/10 1:50pm



I am in the same boat as you.  Noticed this note a year ago and have it bookmarked.  I do believe it is true that recurring aura is progressive migraine disease, from my experience.  2001 I had a cerebral hemorrhage.  Immediately afterwards I got the migraine issue in the hospital, but it was not addressed.  Lortab and Neurontin for 6 months until the pain subsided to tolerant leveles.  Got allergic to Lortab!  Started getting the auras 4 years later.  I get one per ten days on average.  Fluorescent lights, PC screens and dehydration are the main triggers.  Post hemorrhage recovery I found I had to limit my physical activities some, and even still.


About a year ago I did ER because of a terrible migraine that I telephone called 911.  They asked me my name on route---I did not know my name!  They found a benign arachanoid cyst on the surface of my brain.  The MRI and contrast dye triggered daily auras for a week afterwards.  Fioricet works very nicely to NOT get the migraine headache, but the aura still takes 30 minutes.  Lately have been getting another aura within the intial aura, sometimes.  Or when one aura finishes, another one starts at its conclusion even after taking the Fioricet.  I find the aura fascinating to watch.  It is always different, and the colors change between different bouts of it. I get the aura in one eye, the other eye gets the migraine.  But it is just an illusion the aura is in the eyes, it is in the brain.


Currently ran this cyst thing through my GP/MD and another radiologist is involved.  Because of the way my auras are progressing, have been given Topamax 25 mg twice daily to start, by my GP.  I am afraid of this drug as to its many side effects.  Another note will be addressed concerning my concerns about Topamax.  But, I think it will be necessary to take it.  And limit my summertime physical activities, more, due to the sweating intolerance this drug causes.  I had to quit my running and mountain hiking since the brain bleed which was what defined who I was, then.  The bleed should have killed me.  Life since is gravy even with the neagative aspects of living my life.


I "met" Terri on the old Usenet migraine user group sometime around 2002 and later to  .  And since, a few other headache venues she responds to.  Terri does a valuable service for the migraine community.


(Hope this reply is not too wordy.)

cn, Community Member
10/14/12 3:03pm

I wake each morning with an aura, like you said, visual trail of movements of my arms, etc. I have NO headache, just aura. This started about 6 months ago. It happened once, then again a week later, until now when it is every morning. The doctors "diagnosed" me with early dementia, without an MRI of my brain because I didn't have $5000 to pay up front. I have memory problems, to the extent I do NOT cook without someone else in the house with me. I have left the house with things going in or on the stove and never remember until I return home hours later. I make notes for everything and hope I don't leave them at home. If I have to take a detour thru town, I forget where I am going or don't recognize where I am. Our town is very small, too small for this to be normal. Aura is not known to accompany dementia or macular degeneration, which I suspect has begun. What else can aura be a symptom?

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