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Q: Chronic dizziness, headaches, and migraines

Since August 2008 I've been having chronic dizziness. It started with vertigo for about 2 months.  Now the dizziness is disabling to the point that I can't drive myself anymore. Since then I've had ringing in my ears. I've had headaches everyday for almost a year and a half now, and I get migraines at least 3 times a week. I've been to the Mayo Clinic, and they had no solutions for me. 

Does anyone know good doctors in the Chicago area? Has anyone had this problem before? 

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
2/16/09 3:15pm



Wow. Sorry you're having so much trouble. I've not experienced anything like this myself. The dizziness and vertigo have to make everything much more difficult.


There are several specialists in Chicago who have been recommended by our members. You can find them listed in our directory of Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists.


I know you're going through a rough time. If you'd like some additional support, come join our discussion forum. You'll need to register again once there because it's a separate membership database, but you can use the same member name, email address, and password that you used here. You can find our forum at http://forums.healthcentral.com/discussion/migraine/forums.


Good luck,


Dutchess, Community Member
8/ 5/09 1:40pm

Sorry to hear about dizziness. I have the same problem. I'm going to look at the Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists also. I'm glad to see anyhow, there are others who can help with these migraines. Hope yours end soon.



Ger, Community Member
8/ 9/09 10:11pm

My daughter (25) has had chronic dizziness since March 09.  Sometimes she has a really bad dizzy spell which is immediately followed by a dibilitating headache.   She is constantly dizzy.  She has had many tests taken, none have shown any results to the cause.  She recently saw a neurologist who diagnosed her with Migraines.  The medication he has prescribed for her makes her sleep all the time. The dizziness has not gone away yet.  Have you been able to get some relief?  If so, how?

Dutchess, Community Member
8/10/09 9:36am

My neurologist refered me to Phsyical Theapy for 6 weeks. This help me clear up some of my dizziness. I also have other issues that my new doctor is looking into as to why I have vergo. Sometimes I get so bad, that I have to stop where I am just til it passes. Then my head begins to hurt. I am currently on medication for migraines. It also make me very tired and sleepy. Simple excerices have helped some.

Ger, Community Member
8/16/09 4:09pm

Thanks for the information.  We have also been informed that a chiropractor might help.  What areas of physical therapy? I read that foot massages could help as well. So far medicines are not helping, the dizziness does not go away and like you when it's bad she has to be still till it passes, then a severe headache follows


Cheryl, Community Member
12/15/09 2:08pm

There is the Diamond Headache Clinic in Lincoln Park in Chicago.The Diamond Headache Clinic is also associated with St. Joseph's Hospital. There's also a headache clinic in lower Michigan in Chelsea. I hope that it helps you. Both of these facilities also have web sites.

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