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People Who Are Living With Migraine


PC's trigger my migraines, IPad's do not!

Personal computers, both desktop and laptop, trigger my migraines every time. I can tolerate it for about 20 minutes but then have to stop. I received an IPad for Xmas and was amazed to discover that using it does not trigger one. I even read books on it! I suspect it's the different screen technologies used for smart phones/tablets vs.... Read moreChevron
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Missy Morgan

Missy Morgan, Community Member

a migraineur who wants to live well and encourage others

Sometimes Love and Prayers can heal a Migraine!

Sunday, I woke up with some pain behind my left eye.  Some of my worst Migraines are when it feels like there is a sharp object being stuck in or behind my left eye.  That’s what this felt like, but it was an intermittent pain, not constant like it usually is with a bad Migraine.  I had plans for Sunday.  My daughter,... Read moreChevron

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Rebecca, Community Member


IslandMama is Back

Hey, Y'all!


   It's been a long time since I've posted, so most of y'all may not know me. I've been a migraineur for years. Currently, my neuro & I have me pretty well-managed -... Read moreChevron

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MigraineCast, Health Guide

by Teri Robert

The New Migraine Documentary "Out of My Head" - Podcast

Anyone reading this is likely to know that migraine disease and those who have migraine are still very, very poorly understood and that the stigma associated... Read moreChevron

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