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Topamax For 11 Year Old Boy



My 11 year old son started getting migraines at age 5.  During the first year of treatment from our pediatric neurologist we tried numerous things.  We identified that his triggers are, skipping meals, lack of sleep, and sudden change in temperature (not extreme cold or heat, but the first really hot day, or... Read moreChevron

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Courtney Longfellow

Courtney Longfellow, Community Member


Headache problem

Im a 14 year old girl and i have 3-4 horrible headaches a day, usually when i get up or eat and try to go to sleep, i want to know what is causing them and how i can make them stop.

Janet R

Janet R, Community Member


mom of teen with migraines

Hi: This is the first online group I've joined.  I am really desperate for help with my daughter's migraines (head and abdominal).  I could really use emotional support and suggestions for preventatives and treatments.  She is up to 3 migraines per week and is struggling in school and sports because of them.  This is no way... Read moreChevron


alan, Community Member


another treatment for migraines

my wife suffered with 5-6 migraines a week, only relieved after vomiting, passing out, and waking up the next morning.  our children had to always tread lightly in the house, so as not to bother her sick in bed.  this was while on strong migraine medication, to no avail.   our answer finally came along in a chiropractic... Read moreChevron

Angela W Karanja

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I want to be I

This is my headache,

So real that it makes my head ache,

I've been here so long,

I do not feel strong,

Strong enough to look... Read moreChevron