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momofwillandgrace, Community Member


Chronic Daily Headache in 17 year old boy -looking for adult who suffered as a child for perspective

I have posted many times here regarding my son who has suffered from migraine since 4th grade.  He has morphed into a Chronic Daily Headache - we have exhausted most daily preventatives, and now, at 17 he is battling severe depression.  I am desperately seeking an adult male who has perspective on Chronic Daily Headache in our effort... Read moreChevron


Dawn, Community Member


Migraine Weather a haiku

Throbbing, blinding pain,

Every time it freaking rains,

Living with migraine.


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momuv4, Community Member


Migraines or seizures?

Hello everyone.

I am new to this site...looking for answers and support.


My 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed at the age of 5 with Type 1 diabetes. When she hit puberty, she started having migraines, once a month at first. Over the last several months, the migraines have increased in frequency to 5 in the last... Read moreChevron


MigraineMom, Community Member


Sinus surgery with Dr. Guyuron - it cured my son !

I just had to share this because I'm so thrilled!   It's been 2.5 months since Dr. Guyuron performed sinus surgery on my son (11) who has suffered for 6 years with horrible migraines. We've tried everything under the son and NOTHING has EVER worked.  He has not had 1 migraine since surgery day.   It is unbelievable... Read moreChevron


carriegoff, Community Member


Migraine Mother

Migraine Mother


I see you lying on the floor,

head in hands, face contorted in pain.

My stomach knots, my cognitive function ceases.

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