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patty, Community Member


Daily Migraines

I have had chronic daily migraines for 8 years my doctor has tried everything she can think of last few years.She sent me to a headache specialist she wanted to do D.H.E. so they put me in the hospitol after had the D.H.E. The first time i had no headache.But with in being home 24 hours they all came back.I'm sapose to give myself the shots,but... Read moreChevron

Kimberly 1975

Kimberly 1975, Community Member

We have a grown son and three cats

Isn't thirty years enough?

I've had diagnosed migraines for over thirty years now; been treating them with specialists since 1991. I haven't bounced from Doctor to Doctor, but I have moved on when the treatment appears stagnated, or I'm recommended to someone more experienced. But as time goes on, and I've tried virtually Everything presented to me (other than surgery,... Read moreChevron

mchristina29, Community Member


what gets me through.

Just figured I'd share a little help on coping.(hopefully it will anyway) I'm always going online to find someone who knows what I'm going through and I always end up talking about the pain. This time I want to give a little back and hopefully help someone else cope. I've had these things for 13 years now. I have finally begun to treat it as it... Read moreChevron


shelly, Community Member


interstim surgery

On Sept 16th I had my trial, resulting in a 75% immprovement over my normal pattern. So therefore on the 21st 6 days ,later I had the full final installation and I have had many ups and downs and 7 weeks post-op I feel great! My urine pattern is almost as normal as it would or should be for a normal 50 yr old woman. I will tell you any one... Read moreChevron

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lkdowns019, Community Member


Cranium Criminal

Elbow joint aches nor a knee cap grind

Couldn't explain

an excruitating poigant pain

This criminal in my cranium!

Showcases pinwheels of kaleidoscopic naseua 

Every wave in the vessels flowing through the head

Some unwanted rule of a vise crown

Are bound to burst with every step l... Read moreChevron