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Is cluster headache considered migraine? Treated with surgery?

Full Question: I suffer with Cluster Headaches (severe pain behind my eye, as if someone were using an ice pick behind my eye ball.)  This is the only symptom. I take Imitrex which can stop the onset if taken early enough. Sometimes it comes on without much warning and the although the medicine might lessens the pain, it is still severe and... Read moreChevron
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John Claude Krusz, PhD, MD

John Claude Krusz, PhD, MD, Community Member

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Good News To Share with Our Migraine and Headache Patients

It is our honor to be treating several patients who are members and readers of MyMigraineConnection. It's a true joy to watch the progress of patients who come to us, in so much pain and a significantly diminished quality of life, make progress in the management of their Migraines and headaches.   We'd like to share our good news with... Read moreChevron