Migraine and Headache Specialists - What's So Special?

by Teri Robert, Lead Expert

How many doctors did you see before your Migraines or headaches were accurately diagnosed? How many doctors did you see before you found effective treatment? Too many?

I was lucky when it came to diagnosis. There was a long history of Migraines and "sick headaches" in my family, and my wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Lantz, diagnosed me with "migraine headaches" at the age of six. As is the case with many Migraineurs, Dr. Lantz and, later, my family doctor were able to manage my Migraines fairly well for many years. There were periods of time when I needed more help than they could offer. Unfortunately, the "specialists" they sent me to -- ENT's, neurologists, and a psychiatrist -- were no help. I heard it all...

  • "Congratulations. You're an intellectual. You have Migraines."
  • "Have a baby. That might help."
  • "It's a woman thing. Learn to live with them."

So, you can imagine that when my Migraines went really out of control, I knew there was no help in my hometown. My family doctor sent me 90 miles to a "great" neurologist. He really was great, and his recommended treatment worked well for a few year. Too bad for me, when the treatment quit working, I discovered that my wonderful neurologist had retired. I tried another one in the same city 90 miles away. This one was supposed to be a "Migraine specialist." Not. She and her husband had a huge neurology practice and treated all kinds of neurological problems from MS to trauma to "Migraine headaches."

Desperate for help, I hit the Internet. Do you know what I discovered? Neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine specialists, BUT there ARE doctors who do specialize in the treatment of Migraine disease and other headache disorders. This was news to me, and I've been told that it's news to many people before they start reading our articles here.

Not infrequently, people ask what's so different about Migraine specialists. What's so special about them? To answer that question, allow me to list some qualities of a good Migraine and headache specialist. They are doctors who...

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