Migraine and Headache Treatment - How It Should Be

by Teri Robert, Lead Expert

One of the biggest problems we can face with Migraines and headaches is finding the right doctor to work with us toward better disease management.

We've had to learn -- many of us, the hard way -- that even neurologists and pain management doctors are not necessarily Migraine and headache specialists. When we stop and think about it that makes sense. Neurologists and pain management specialists treat a wide range of illnesses, diseases, and injuries. It would be virtually impossible for them to stay up-to-date and specialize in any one area. Migraine and headache specialists, however, usually treat only Migraine and other headache disorders.

In the process of looking for a doctor to work with, some of our readers have asked what it's like to go to a Migraine and headache clinic. Several have specifically asked about the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia.

It was at that clinic, working with Dr. William B. Young, that I finally got the help I needed to regain control of my life from Migraine disease and chronic tension-type headaches.

Your experience may vary, but below is information about my experience with both my first appointment and my first follow-up appointment. I hope it helps you better know what to expect and makes your first visit easier and less stressful for you...

As I walked in,

  • the reception area (waiting room) was dimly lit with incandescent lighting. No fluorescent lighting here.

  • the room was peaceful and quiet - no noise from television or radio.

  • the colors were soft and muted.

  • there were signs requesting that nobody wear cologne or perfume here.

  • I was greeted by a very professional receptionist who spoke softly, was gentle and friendly, and treated me with respect.

Had I died and gone to Migraineur's Heaven? No, I'd gone to the Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to see Dr. William B. Young.

If you've read many of the posts in our forums, you've seen that many people who have Cluster Headaches, Migraine, or other headache disorders have problems finding doctors who:

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