Introduction for Health Professionals

by Teri Robert, Lead Expert

Studies have documented that patients who are more educated about their health issues and medications are more compliant with treatment regimens and have better outcomes. Certainly, that's something we all want to see happen.

It would be ideal if every Migraine and headache patient could be educated by their doctors and other healthcare professionals. But what's a busy doctor (or other healthcare professional) to do? At best, your days are already overbooked; you do well to see all of your patients each day. You try to answer their questions, but there are more questions than time. When patients call your office to ask questions, there aren't enough hours in the day to see patients and return all the calls. When your patients research on the Internet, they can come up with some good information, but they can also come up with pure nonsense, some of it potentially harmful even.

The bottom line is that you want your patients to be better educated about their health so they're more compliant and have better outcomes, but how can that be accomplished without adding staff members specifically for that purpose?

This is where the HealthCentral Network and can help. We work hard to be sure that the information we offer our readers is current, accurate, and written on a level patients can understand. All content is reviewed by a doctor who is a Migraine and headache specialist. We are also HON Code accredited.

We never attempt to diagnose or give medical advice on MyMigraineConnection. We do give patients information that they can discuss with their doctors. Here are some examples of what you and your patients can find on our site:

  • Articles about current and new treatments and research -- written at a level patients can understand.
  • Basic information about the various types of Migraines and headaches.
  • Tools for Migraine and headache management -- diaries, food trigger workbook, medication workbook, and more.
  • Tips for living with Migraines and headaches - making the home comfortable, avoiding holiday Migraines and headaches, exercise tips, tips on handling Migraines at work, and more.
  • Quizzes to test how much they know about topics such as medication overuse headache, Migraine myths and misconceptions, and more.
  • Sections to ask questions:
    • Our question and answer section, where posted questions are answered by community members and our experts.
    • Our Ask the Clinician column, where questions are answered by Dr. John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert.
  • A discussion forum for sharing information and support.

We hope you and your patients will find our site helpful. If you have comments or questions, please email Teri Robert at

Thank you!

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