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January 27, 2010


Nancy Harris Bonk | Posted:  Jan 27, 2010
What does Nancy have against the term "ocular Migraine?" Read on to find out...  Read more>


  Question of the Day
Stoic | Posted:  Jan 25, 2010


From our community and experts...
shopgirl | Posted:  Jan 21, 2010
Being at a higher dosage of topamax seems to be really helping with the migraines. When I have gotten them, the Imitrex has helped. So I'm really thankful for that ...  Read more>
Doris | Posted:  Jan 24, 2010
My son started getting migraines and ocular disturbance and numbness in hands and face and we discovered it always happened after using a certain computer game...  Read more>
Kelly | Posted:  Jan 23, 2010
Thank you. Two simple words, but I mean them from the bottom of my heart. I've been coming to this website since November 2007 and since then so much has changed because of being here ...  Read more>
Migraine Aura Variations
| Posted:  Dec 31, 1969
In addition to the visual symptoms people usually think of, Migraine aura can have a wide variety of symptoms, some of them rather strange ...  Read more>
| Posted:  Dec 31, 1969
I'm irritated by all the publicity about football player Percy Harvin's Migraines. Others think it's good publicity for awareness. What do YOU think?  Read more>
Migraine Term of the Day
| Posted:  Dec 31, 1969
What is an intractable Migraine? ...  Read more>
What's New?
| Posted:  Dec 31, 1969
Varying Migraine Aura symptoms; Harvin's Migraines, MRF news; medication labeling changes; new terms of the day, and community questions and answers; much more...  Read more>


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