Migraines and Medications - Talk About Prescriptions Month 2007

by Teri Robert, Lead Expert

Many of us with Migraine disease and headaches find ourselves in a position where medications are an integral part of our daily routine. Medications help prevent our headaches and Migraines, relieve them when we do have one, and improve our quality of life. Given that, it’s important that we use medications safely and wisely.

Each year, the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) sets a theme related to safe medication use and provides educational materials to help patients use medications safely and effectively. Their theme this year is targeted specifically at senior citizens, but offers outstanding information and advice for everyone.

This year's theme is "Talk About Prescriptions - - It's A MUST!" The purpose is four-fold with this year's observance:

  1. To introduce a number of new NCPIE educational resources to support our members' and other stakeholders' activities.
  2. To call attention to the health and economic impact of medication misuse / nonadherence and the benefits of intervening to improve the dialogue about medication use and safety.
  3. To encourage every affected person or group -- including consumers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, voluntary health agencies, and local, state and national government agencies to get involved in promoting safe and appropriate medication use.
  4. To suggest ways that consumers -- especially older adults and their caregivers -- their healthcare providers, and public, private, and voluntary organizations can get involved to improve medication use and by doing so, improve medication adherence and better health outcomes.

The MUST in this year’s theme stands for Medication Use Safety Training for Seniors (MUST for Seniors), but it’s an excellent time for all of us to review our medications, take a look at safety tips, and talk to our doctors if we have questions or concerns.

Basic medication facts:

  • A product is a medication or drug if it:

o        Changes the way your body works OR

o        Treats or prevents a disease

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