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Migraine Medications & Treatments

Many medications and other treatments are available to treat Migraines and headaches. Find out what your options are and which option may be best for you.

Medications and treatments must be understood and managed well...

Managing Medications

Herbs, Minerals, Supplements

Featured Video

Using Migraine Abortive Sumavel DosePro

Sumavel DosePro for Migraine
This video shows how to use Sumavel DosePro, a needle-free sumatriptan injection for aborting a Migraine attack in progress.
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Medication News and Research

Complementary & Non-Drug

Featured Quiz

How well do you know your Migraine medication?

Medications Quiz
Preventive, abortive, and rescue medications are all part of an effective treatment regimen. How well do you know your medications? Let’s find out with this short quiz!
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