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Migraine Medications & Treatments

Many medications and other treatments are available to treat Migraines and headaches. Find out what your options are and which option may be best for you.

Medications and treatments must be understood and managed well...

Managing Medications

  • FDA
    Reporting Problems to FDA
    Whether you experience a problem with a Migraine medication, other medications, supplements, medical advices, or foods, there's a simple way to report the problem to the FDA.
  • Triptans - Migraine Medication
    Drug Information
    Looking for info on a specific drug? Find information the on dosage, side effects, and interactions of common Migraine drugs.
  • migraine preventive medications
    Migraine and Headache Preventive Medications - Too Many Options To Give Up!
    For frequent headaches or Migraines, preventive medications can be a good option. There are over 100 medications and supplements and virtually endless combinations of them available today. To give each medication a fair trial, would take 25 years!
  • Medication Overuse Headache
    Medication Overuse Headache - When the Remedy Backfires
    Learn more about MOH - a persistent cycle of headaches and Migraines that actually results from the use of Migraine and headache medications.
  • Opioids for Migraines - Why Not?
    People ask why their doctors won't prescribe or limit quantities of opioids for Migraines. Let's explore the question and some answers.
  • Medication Tablets
    Opioids: Addiction vs. Dependence
    Learn the difference between addiction and dependence as it relates to the use of opioids in treating chronic pain.
  • Topamax (topiramate)
    Topamax (topiramate) Info
    If you take or are considering taking Topamax, there is important information that you MUST review.

Herbs, Minerals, Supplements

Featured Video

Using Migraine Abortive Sumavel DosePro

Sumavel DosePro for Migraine
This video shows how to use Sumavel DosePro, a needle-free sumatriptan injection for aborting a Migraine attack in progress.
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Medication News and Research

Complementary & Non-Drug

Featured Quiz

How well do you know your Migraine medication?

Medications Quiz
Preventive, abortive, and rescue medications are all part of an effective treatment regimen. How well do you know your medications? Let’s find out with this short quiz!
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